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Thread: My asus k53sv-521v laptop screen goes blank

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    My asus k53sv-521v laptop screen goes blank

    Hey guys, there is some problem in my asus k53sv-521v laptop, when I play games in that suddenly my laptop screen permanently goes black. I tried 3 to 4 times with using refresh key and escape key and also restarted my laptop then also nothing happened. I donít know how to fix this problem Could you guys please help me how can i get rid of this ??

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    Re: My asus k53sv-521v laptop screen goes blank

    Same problem was there in my Asus k53sv-521v laptop. It used to happen while i was playing games or watching HD movies. Fortunately i got the following fix and now my notebook is working smoothly. Just check out:
    • Download black screen error repair tool software. This is nothing but repairing software.
    • Install that software into your laptop and scan your laptop.
    • After that Click repair all button it will take few seconds and your process will be complete and your blank screen error will be remove from your laptop.

    Hope this will work for you as well.

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