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Thread: Using Sata Slimline on Asus K60IJ notebook

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    ThumbsUp Sata Slimline to USB 3.0 Adapter for Asus K60IJ notebook

    So I am new to these forums, and have been searching for some time now for information on a problem im trying to solve. I figured no better way than to go here, since 99% of what I learn if from you all So here it is... :-)
    I have an Asus K60IJ notebook. Not a screaming awesome machine but good for screwing around on. It has an optical drive that I don't use, that is plugged into a SATA slimline port on the motherboard. I would like to pull that drive out, and create some kind of adapter to go from the SATA slimline to USB 3.0 ports where the cd drive used to be. I have found adapters that go from SATA slimline to regular SATA for hard drives and such. I have also found USB 3.0 to sata slimline that allows you to plug in an optical drive to a usb 3.0 port on your PC. I work right now as a Computer Technician in the USMC, and am quite proficient in soldering, reading schematics, and modifying things to make them work the way I need them to, so feel free to go WAY in depth on the technical side of things, i expect to have to. I figured I would end up splicing together a few different adapters and maybe a usb 3.0 PCIe card for a desktop or something. So there is is, thanks in advance for your help. Oh and before someone asks why I even want to do this... my answer is why NOT do it? As far as my research has taken me, no one has done it yet so thats all the reason i need. :-)

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    Re: Using Sata Slimline on Asus K60IJ notebook

    It is possible to hookup a usb adapter on Sata Slimline interface. But there are rare chances to use USB 3.0. Reason is compatibility issue if different adapters and you will not get the actual transfer speed that USB 3.0 offers. I had seen some adapter which comes with Sata Slimine connector at one end and a usb on the other. This are regular cable which can be find in your regular computer hardware shop. You can try that.

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