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Thread: How to export my PC Bookmarks to Samsung Galaxy S?

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    How to export my PC Bookmarks to Samsung Galaxy S?

    The title says it all. I am just wondering from so many days on how to transfer the PC bookmarks to this phone. I couldnít get any relevant solution in the internet for the same thatís why I am thinking how would I be able to do it? What do you all have to say about the same. I am using internet explorer in my pc and want to export all the bookmarks from the Pc to the galaxy S. any methods on how to do there then please suggest me something my friends. I am thinking about it from the past few days but I havenít got across through, thatís why need some help from you. I am sure you will help me out in this situation. Waiting for the response.

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    Re: How to export my PC Bookmarks to Samsung Galaxy S?

    I donít know I might be wrong over here but here is one solution that I can give it for you. You do one thing export the bookmark from the internet explorer to a file. Save it somewhere. Then you can transfer that file to the mobile via. Usb data cable. Once you get the file in the phone then you can use any of the app that I have mentioned here. See if that makes any kind of difference or not. here are the two applications that you should check it out in the android market
    1) Super Bookmark

    2) Bookmark I/O

    For once give a try for the said solution and revert back to me if that works for you or not. I hope thatís fine with you.

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    Re: How to export my PC Bookmarks to Samsung Galaxy S?

    Hey itís a very simple thing to do. I have done is successfully in my Samsung galaxy S2 and I am showing you the same method here as well. as the above guy said the first thing to do is export the favorites or the bookmarks from your browser to a particular folder. Then I transferred to the phone via. Kies. Now once when I opened up that particular folder I saw all the bookmarks of mine opened up as text. Luckily they were hyperlinked. So what I did was clicked them and it used to open up in the browser and I could add them as a bookmark there in the browser. Thatís it and I know this was a bit long procedure to follow but now all my bookmarks are there in the folder and I can view all of them properly. So this is one more method apart from the one given. I must say that this is a long procedure but safe and secure. Nothing else. I have heard about the apps which are given above but havenít used them so I cant tell how will they work and all.

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    Re: How to export my PC Bookmarks to Samsung Galaxy S?

    I had no problems transferring the bookmarks from my pc to the phone because I was using a Firefox browser and it has a add on by which you can sync the bookmarks to the same account. If you are not using FF browser then I would say install the browser first, in your pc import all the bookmarks to that browser and then you can sync it your account. So when you open up the FF browser in your galaxy S you will get all the Bookmarks that were there in the PC. Itís that simple. I think even google chrome has the same feature but I am not sure about it, as I am not a chrome user.

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