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Thread: The best Box for China Mobile Flashing

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    The best Box for China Mobile Flashing

    When i completed my mobile repairing course at that i got job in one Mobile repairing shop .At that time I am planning to start own shop. Now, I started the shop and many customers coming with their problems. Mostly problems are solved by flashing the phone and most of customer have china mobile. Customer is increased day by day That’s why I think need to buy a new Box which supports most of chines phone. So, any one tell me that which is best box which supports most of china phones Models?

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    re: The best Box for China Mobile Flashing

    I working in this field from last 3-4 Years and have completed much of work software issues. There are many solution Box are Available in market like Master Box, SpiderMan Box, Infinity Box, Mcn Pro Box, etc but spiderMan is best one.I am using Spider for china Mobile and Samsung. Spider is good enough tool to solve your problem. With the rapid growth of Mobile Phone business and new models coming up almost every week then your business needs a tool to stay up to date with the market demand. SpiderMan Box gives best advantage over your competitors by regular Updates. It has 32bit ARM processor support for online hardware upgrade. So, go for spiderMan Box it is great tool to expand your business.

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    re: The best Box for China Mobile Flashing

    Before a few year, I was just quite interested about mobile repairing and no knowledge of any kind of repairing then I start learning from internet tutorial and videos. Started practical work on clients phone after getting some knowledge. At that time I donít have any specific shop but now I have my own shop. I also have china mobile customer who are coming for software as well as hardware problem. I have Master Box and Spiderman both but as per my experience master box is best for china mobile fixes. spider is also good for unlocking but Master is best one. Master Box supports with more than 1000 different mobiles, which have different CPUs and flash types like MTK , SPD Spreadtrum, TI Texas Instrument, Skyworks, AD Analog Device, Infineon. It has capability of automatic and fastest pinout searching technology. Master box have Repair "Phone / User / Network / Sim Lock" without Formatting. It is best tool for Chaina Mobile.

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