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Thread: Unlocking HTC One XL

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    Unlocking HTC One XL

    Do you know how to unlock the HTC One XL? I have heard that there is a possibility to unlock any GSM network including AT&T, T-Mobile etc. How can I INSTANTLY unlock the phone? My method is you should get the unlock code but in order to unlock the phone you will need phone information and contact information
    • 15 digit IMEI # (press *#06#)
    • Network provider phone is currently locked to

    After proving these information only, the unlock code will be emailed to you! Next thing is, you need to Power on phone with different non-accepted SIM card in. At this time the phone will ask for the unlock code. Enter the code, provided by any third party source or the network provider itself. You are done by now.

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    Re: Unlocking HTC One XL

    Unlocking with unlock code is the safest and least invasive way to remove sim lock from your phone. The code to unlock the HTC One XL is obtained based on the IMEI number. The IMEI number is obtained after pressing * # 06 # on your phone or removing the battery. To permanently unlock HTC is sufficient to know the IMEI number. HTC has three bases. First is for older models that produced until May 2010. The second basis is more expensive HTC phones compatible with plaques that produced since May 2010 and the third is for phones that exist in November 2011. After unlocking you should verify that communications can occur on HTC One XL.

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    Re: Unlocking HTC One XL

    You can easily unlock the sim in HTC One XL and it is absolutely safe. You just need to change the phone’s software. But some models are capable to unlock just using the unlock code. I don’t know whether unlocking the phone will going to void the warranty or not. After unlocking, the phone will be capable to use on other networks. No matter which country you are, you can use that place network. This will help you to increase phone's value as it will be able to use the cards of all operators. In some phones SIM lock is the obstacle that makes it impossible and is both another reason to remove it. There is no way you can unlock the new generation phones using the free methods. It's much safer to use the assigned operator codes IMEI number. Often You will find some third party unlock codes calculator free. However, calculating the sim unlock codes for free leads to blockage of the phone and then the phone will not longer to be operated on any network. Therefore, avoid the use of all free and calculators that can damage the phone.

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