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Thread: Does Hibernating affect the Battery of the Laptop

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    Does Hibernating affect the Battery of the Laptop

    I recently bought a new dell Inspiron 14 N4050. Usually I dont shut down my laptop because i need it every time to time. Even i dont out it in sleep mode, I just put it in hibernate mode. One of my friend said that hibernating laptop can create problems for the battery in future .

    Is that true? Will my laptop`s battery get affected by hibernating it?

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    Re: Does Hibernating affect the Battery of the Laptop

    No not at all. The hibernation does not affect the battery of the laptop. Hibernation is the process of saving the current state of the user using the computer into the hard drive and then again starting the OS in the same manner it was left open. Hibernation means saving the work done and then again starting it from where it was left. In the process of hibernation it switches off the laptop and the state saved on the hard drive is then again called at the time of switching on. As the laptop gets off the state of the battery is idle i.e. it is not being used by the laptop.

    Using Hibernate mode instead of Sleep allows laptop to completely power down and use zero power, so if you aren't going to be using your laptop for another hour or more, put it into Hibernate mode instead of sleep mode, which uses battery to keep everything in memory. Other benefit of using Hibernate mode is that it cannot be accidentally woken up, whereas in sleep mode it can woken up by a small back up program or a simple pop up. If you are using Hibernate mode, nothing can wake the laptop other than the power button. Hibernating does not affect the battery but saves the battery.

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    Re: Does Hibernating affect the Battery of the Laptop

    The hibernate system is available in laptops and are used when the computer needs to be shut down but will be used again soon. The user activates this mode to help save power and enable a quick restart. This mode is often activated when the laptop is closed, depending on how it is programmed mostly it goes to sleeping mode. Hibernate mode is activated when the laptop will not be opened again for some time. Instead of saving current data in internal memory, the computer creates a file that stores what it was doing before it hibernated, and saves that data in the hard drive. When the computer is turned on again, it opens that file and restores all systems to the way they it was. Hibernate shuts down all computer systems and is useful for saving power, whereas sleep mode keeps some systems on and consumes power continually if the power runs out, then sleep mode deactivates and the computer turns off fully. A laptop on battery power should be put into hibernation to conserve the battery rather than putting it on the sleep mode and getting the battery waste.

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