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Thread: Poor Performance of Aakash Tablet

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    Poor Performance of Aakash Tablet

    The Price of Akash tablet is too cheaper but the performance is also poor. The battery is not long lasting and tablet take too long time to get charged completely. Resistive touchscren gives better performance than the capcitive touchscreen but it is no so good compare to others Devices.

    The gadget contain 256mb of RAM & cortex v8 processor is may not be able to perform the multiple task. It canít store heavy files and large number of songs due to low storage capacity.Aakash tablet display screen resolution is very poor and reflecting lights. The gadget is basically no HD output and Heating Up quickly.

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    Re: Poor Performance of Aakash Tablet

    I am the new buddy in these Gadgetís world & I want to buy the Aakash Tablet so I want to know price of Aakash ? Need to know some more about its performance and feature ? Also let me know how is the touch screen sensitivity and battery backup time ? Can we use these tab as mobile phone ?

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    Re: Poor Performance of Aakash Tablet

    The Price of Akash tablet is 2500Rs and it is too cheaper. These gadget is for the student and for whom who do not have the capacity to buy the high range computer and other devices. These device is the cheapest device in the tabletís world and about the performance The device is not run proper itís takes long time to run application. The performance of the Aakash tablet is too poor because Cpu is the 366mhz which not sufficient to run the android os 2.2 and there application smoothly and device is heated within the one hour.

    Checkout the list of features Of The Aakash Tablet :-
    • Android O/S 2.2
    • 256mb Memory (RAM)
    • ARM 11 Ė 366mhz microprocessors
    • 2100mAh battery power
    • 7Ē Inch touch screen display with 800 x 480 pixel resolution
    • Supports all the videos and audio formats
    • Supports all documents and files
    • 1 USB 2.0 port and 3.5mm audio jack
    • 32 GB expandable memory
    • No GPRS option
    • Wi-Fi network option
    • You can not make phone call
    • Replacement warranty

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