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Thread: How to export multiple photos to camera roll on iPhoto?

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    How to export multiple photos to camera roll on iPhoto?

    right now I am using an iPad 2 from past couple of days. I have noticed that an option which is helpful to save multiple images to camera roll does not seems to working at all. when I tap on Share and after that tap on Camera Roll. After doing that I got list consist of several option. However all the options were grayed out. Whatever thing I supposed to do all the options were remained grayed. It seems to be really frustrating for me and I wanted some effective fix for the same. I am waiting for the prompt replies of yours on this particular. Thanks a lot in advance.

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    Re: How to export multiple photos to camera roll on iPhoto?

    Well in this particular situation I wanted to tell you that Photos app supposed to manage photos for all the devices. I have noticed that edited Photos has been locked on iPhoto until and unless you are wanted to add the same into photos into Camera Roll by making use of iTunes. Otherwise you are looking to save them one by one by making use of share menu. in case Photos app would became a Photostream then iPhoto would handle the photos with the help of photo management. I donít think so it would cause a major issue.
    I was really amazed because iOS iPhoto and Mac iPhoto were not able to sync. In case two programs are having same then they are supposed to work together without having any issue. I know there is lots of file compression is happening in iOS version of iPhoto.

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    Re: How to export multiple photos to camera roll on iPhoto?

    I was wondering that I can edit photos on iOS version of iPhoto and after editing the same I was able to sync with main library. The main reason why I purchased new iPad and iPhoto because I was able to sort as well as edit photo without using Mac. I was not expecting that there would be some much issue while transferring the data. I need to sync every single camera roll and after that I have to sync with mac. There was lots of compression happening . when I sent edited photo from Mac I was able to get 5-8 MB range. It was something like that I have selected Share option from the iTunes but after selecting the same there was nothing happening into iTunes.

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    Re: How to export multiple photos to camera roll on iPhoto?

    Personally I am a great fan of Mac system. I have find that iOS iPhoto app seems to be un-Apple even it is not unfinished product. However interface as well as capacity of this particular app seems to be impressive and it is having lots of potential. However it is having feeling of beta version. There are lots of bugs and many features are not working as expected but I am expecting all this issue would be fixed into software updates. I hope they will provide the same as early as possible.

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