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Thread: Car charger or a second home charger for HTC One XL

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    Car charger or a second home charger for HTC One XL

    Hello friends, I will be purchasing HTC ONE XL and before going for that I would like to know some suggestion from you people that I will be requiring to charge the phone and it will be taking phone charge with me everywhere, so can you people suggest me that what I should use, I was thinking to go for car charger or another phone charger which I can and use when going to office. I have already tried to search about it but did not got it and it is not available in local accessories store, if there is any charger which can be use as car charger and also used as office charger then it will be really nice and used while driving and working. I think that there might be something available so please tell me about it and if you people are having some other suggestion then please do share with me. Thank you.

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    Re: Car charger or a second home charger for HTC One XL

    I do understand what you are trying to talk about. I am using a HTC Rezound and founded a charger for me, which is known as Doubletalk home and car charger, so you can search for it and get it for you. I would suggest that you better try to search it and get it, not knowing name of it at present. Even there are 3-in-1 diamond shape chargers which are capable to charge your phone while you in your car or you at home or you can charge your phone via a USB port. Other than that doubletalk is really good one. If you check it properly then there are plenty of chargers available like this one. I have done some of research and really like the doubletalk chargers design and I thinking that you will be like it and I would suggest that you also go for it. Even you can research and go for it.

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    Re: Car charger or a second home charger for HTC One XL

    I take every available opportunity to shop at within the web based world stores for adornments, for example chargers. I recognize that Amazon regularly has an easier cost on cellular telephone embellishments, and they regularly have the sort of thing you are searching for.

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