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Thread: How to remove non-removable battery from HTC One X?

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    How to remove non-removable battery from HTC One X?

    I purchased a brand new HTC One X and I must say that itís one of the best one I have ever bought. Running quite smoothly without creating any issue and also its features are quite impressive. Overall I am loving this phone but the only thing I didnít like in this phone is its non-removable battery, its really a head ache. Now the issue is that what if I am out somewhere and the charge of this phone completely goes down, having a stock battery definitely wonít help out as the battery cannot be replaced. Also I wonít be able to charge the batter in-between my outing. Before this phone I had evo 3d which was quite nice and comfortable for me with respect to the battery. I always use to keep an extra battery with me every time I go out for a long time. but now I wonít be able to do so as already said extra batter is no where going to help me out. is there anyone with any better idea to get rid of this non-removable battery and allow me to replace the battery as according to my own requirement. Until now I have been suggested with an extra charge that works as USB battery but I am certainly not sure whether it will really work with this phone or not and even if it works then again the question arises that which one would be the best and the cheapest one available for me. Very much frustrated with this thing otherwise the phone is undoubtedly the best one for me and also the most comfortable one.

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    Re: How to remove non-removable battery from HTC One X?

    Yeah such chargers will definitely work out for your model so you need not have to worry about it instead you will have to be concerned about the brand then the price for that kind of charger. There are number of portable charges that are available in the market as well as on web. Look if you will ask me I would certainly go for a portable charger such as the powermonkey or some solar versions like powermonkey explorer or Monaco solar charger and if you are really looking out for a more powerful that would however work for much longer time then you might go for New Trent - Ranges from 5000mAh to 11,000mAh.

    However it is very much disappointing for having such good phone but not being able to simply have another fully charged battery along with us that can charge the phone anytime. Let me tell you that I have always been able to use an extra battery and desk charger from past 10 years, therefore its quite annoying and depressing to see that the technology is however leading towards developing mobile phone but without even having such feature that could simply hold up an extra battery or charger and also without an extra removable SD card. Seems like still the mobile technology is lying far behind at the time of early 2000s. I have somehow managed to go developing my own self and implementing things with the growing technology like I did with changing the keyboard to touchscreen.

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    Re: How to remove non-removable battery from HTC One X?

    The things from dealextreme are really great, you can simply give it a try if you are really looking out for the best and cheap stuff if you don’t care breaking it within a month or two. And also remember that you might probably wait for a long time for the shipment. Overall I can only say that go for dealextreme only if you have under average amount with you and if you are really looking out for the cheapest one. i guess no one would like to charge their device with some cheap electronics, surely if not taken care properly then it might directly affect your battery which will however create a huge problem while keeping the charge with you. I hope you do not want send you phone for a serious repairing or something just because of this cheap product. My intention is not to make you scared but I am really speaking the truth. I have seen number of people messing up with their phone and battery after using a cheap charger. Better you invest a good amount of money for a good charger. As far as I know powermonkey are sold in some other countries and also have adapters that are for the other plugs if you travel to different places as you said, but then again you might find adapter for any of them. I have sort of feeling that portable chargers are going to get a lot more popular as the non-removable battery becomes more standard. better you go for a good and quality charger no matter how expensive it is, buy it once and be happy for ever.

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