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Thread: What Browser does the HTC One XL Have?

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    What Browser does the HTC One XL Have?

    Htc One Xl looks to cool and have a smart features. I want to buy the HtC One Xl phone. But I want to know what browser does Htc One Xl have? Can I print PDF file to my Wireless printer ? it supports 4G network?

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    Re: What Browser does the HTC One XL Have?

    I Am always HTC Smartphone lover and I love HTC brand. I am using HTC from last 8 years . I am starting using HTC with windows Phone to till now Android.HTC ONE XL support the Opera Mini which is one of best web browser and have maxthon also. Htc One Xl browser support the PDF, html and java. So, you have the ability to do anything whatever you want to search. You can print PDF file with wireless printer and third party application are also available to connect with wireless printer. htc one xl support 2G and 3G as well 4G Network. these phone have many other awesome feature. If you try HTC one time then you never change your brand for Smartphone.

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