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Thread: Screen Protectors for HTC One V

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    Screen Protectors for HTC One V

    I just bought this phone and really like to tell you that this is awesome phone so far , the specs and the feature in the phone is really nice , but I have this problem with handling the phone . this thing is that I am very rough user of phone and many time that really effect the looks of my phone . so I was hoping anyone here help me to find the decent Screen Protectors for HTC One V it will be really nice . I looked everywhere but I was not able to find anywhere . is there anyone here can suggest me with the proper Screen Protectors for HTC One V, I will be really glad


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    Re: Screen Protectors for HTC One V

    DISAGU Mirror screen protector for HTC One V is good . This screen protector sheet Lifestyle tailored not only protects your display from scratches but also has an amazing reflective effect. If the display light is off, your screen becomes a mirror. When the display comes on, the mirror disappears again and you will see the message on your display. Installation is done easily and without bubbles. DISAGU display protector film to fit mirror - if appropriate - the entire display with corresponding recesses for speakers, microphones and cameras.

    • Display off then mirror effect
    • Display on film becomes transparent
    • 100% protection from scratches
    • Installation without air bubbles
    • Easy to remove

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    Re: Screen Protectors for HTC One V

    Vikuiti DQC160 Screen Protection for HTC One V is good

    1. Transparency: Crystalline
    2. Material antistatic film
    3. Surface extremely resistant to scratches
    4. Tailored in the contours
    5. Ensures adhesion to the edges
    6. Extremely simple, no bubbles are formed
    7. is removed without leaving residues

    With the spectacular display protection film by 3M Vikuiti DQC160 it offer a new film material that embodies all the positive properties of the display protection film for existing. Thanks to the hard coating the Vikuiti DQC160 provides mechanical protection. The surface is smooth and shines like glass, so when it is applied makes no visible signs of ruin. The film surface is constituted by a non-stick layer, so the ink of leather or of pencils for films are left clean when it is dry. The display protection film for Vikuiti DQC160 leave as easily apply the sticky side is not sticky. The film is placed in a meadow on the display and can be removed without problems to be positioned easily. Since the film is antistatic, applying it does not absorb dust particles. The film can be removed at any time and can be washed with running water.

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    Re: Screen Protectors for HTC One V

    I was looking for the same and this is what I found Vikuiti ADQC27 Protector OVP for HTC One V The protective film to dispaly ADQC27 Vikuiti is completely transparent, glossy and antiglare. This makes it possible to considerably reduce the intensity of the reflections on your screen than the traditional film. This fantastic display protective film was developed in collaboration with 3M so that your display will return the right contrast and clear images, even when you're outdoors or in an area very bright. Thanks to the anti-reflection coating, the black will be represented with an even darker hue. The protective films for Vikuiti display ADQC27 also have a surface scratch (scratch resistance that is almost higher than the hardness of the lead 4H) and are smooth and glossy like glass. This film may at any time be removed and repositioned during the operation of application. Supply in original packaging with instructions. For devices with multiple displays you will find in every pack 1 sheet display. Will like to check your as well the Vikuiti DQC160 Screen Protection

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    Re: Screen Protectors for HTC One V

    2x Vikuiti CV8 Screen Protector OVP for HTC One V is worth to looks on The protective film for the display of 3M Vikuiti CV8 has been developed to protect electronic displays during use. A hard coating prevents the film from being scratched. The film has high adhesion to ensure a secure fastening of the film to the display (eg. When it is moved in the pocket of his pants). The film, however, can be removed without leaving residues. Glued to the film is virtually invisible, thanks to the transparency clear and smooth surface. The strado member adheres to existing scratches so that they become invisible. The film surface can be cleaned with a simple dry cloth. It transparency clear. It covers minor scratches Scratch resistant surface its strong. it has the High adhesive strength and You can cut to size Ensures grip on the edges . Like other mention Easy installation without formation of bubbles and Removable without residue

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    Re: Screen Protectors for HTC One V

    I was considering the Golebo Semi-Matt screen protector because This screen protector sheet provides customized with its semi-gloss surface to disperse light reflections and reflections on the display and thus perceive less. The anti-reflection effect is not as strong as a premium anti-glare screen protector sheet, in return, however, this film screen protector is much cheaper. The installation is simple and without bubbles. Golebo screen protector films fit - if appropriate - the entire display with corresponding recesses for speakers, microphones and cameras.

    • Semigloss
    • Installation without air bubbles
    • Easy to remove

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