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Thread: I was going to buy the HTC One X but ended up buying the HTC One S

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    I was going to buy the HTC One X but ended up buying the HTC One S

    Hey guys I want to share one of my experiences that I had when I recently got this phone. so what I want to say is that I had already made up my mind to get the htc one x as its looks and feature had blowed me over that’s why I had decided to get the phone when I return back home. So when I went there in the shopping store the sales guy presented me the phone in my hand and said this is the htc one x. well frankly speaking it did not look as impressive as the one I have seen on the PC or in the normal demo videos that they show about this phone. I had a close look at the phone the phone was white in color and also the poly carbonate body did look average for me. So I was in 2 minds whether I should be buying this phone or not. Since I had made up my mind on getting this phone I asked the sales guy out there to pack this phone for me. For which the sales guy looking at the expression of my face told me that they are having some other phones of HTC one series. So he opened up the drawer and placed the htc one s phone in my hand and that’s it. I felt in love with this phone. This phone looks really solid, the thickness, the weight, the sturdiness, the cold matte everything appealed to me and I was like, what’s wrong with this phone? I just kept both the phones together to see which one looked better and no doubt htc one s did appeal me a lot. That’s why I told the sales guy to leave behind the HTC one X and pack up the htc one S for me.

    I am a little bit worried about the penile screen of the phone but I think it will not be the case as I had In the moto razr. This is one such phone that attracted me a lot after the Galaxy note and Lumia 800. All such phones are really different in design and have a lot of mass appeal. So just wanted to share this story with you all that’s why I have come here and posted this story. One more thing I forgot to tell you that I have brought this phone without even switching on the phone, can you all imagine this!!

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    Re: I was going to buy the HTC One X but ended up buying the HTC One S

    Screen is not a problem with the HTC One S I am using it. Yes there had to be some problems with the Motorola razr especially if we talk about the screen pixelating a lot then it used to occur in the Motorola Razr phone. Not with the HTC One S. also some people said that in the dark, the screen of the phone shows some spots, making the phone look weird in the dark completely false statements as I havenít seen such kind of occurrence in that phones at all. I have checked the phone in the dark no such spots and also in the bright sunny day when you take the phone outside the screen gives a very good view from any angles thatís why for me I personally think that it is the best phone that I have ever owned. So donít worry dude htc one s is a very good phone. I must congratulate you that you have made a good decision by going with this phone.

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    Re: I was going to buy the HTC One X but ended up buying the HTC One S

    I donít agree with you, well for me in terms of looks HTC One X is way ahead of HTC One S. I just happened to visit a local store nearby my area and they had displayed both the phones out there one was HTC One X and the other was HTC One S. frankly speaking HTC One X was much way better looking than the HTC One S, the screen, the body and also the camera 8 megapixels is really appreciable. HTC One X has a much better and bigger screen, better processor and a good gpu than the HTC One S, what else could you ask for ? HTC One X is much thin in design so thatís why if I was given a option between these two phones then I would be certainly going with the HTC One X considering the fact that it is a big brother of HTC One S. However if you all want a detailed comparison between the two phones then you can have a look at this article titles HTC One X vs HTC One S

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    Re: I was going to buy the HTC One X but ended up buying the HTC One S

    Hello everyone out here I have recently got the HTC One X and I am just having a detailed look over this phone. I am in love with the design plus the htc sense UI has been made quite simple quite refreshing change over the other htc phones. The only thing that I hate about this phone is the battery. The battery life is quite poor and it does not last even for 7-8 hours. I just want to know from the guys who have got the HTC One S do you all also have the same problem and what other features are there in HTC One S which is not out there in the HTC One X.

    As I have said the only complain that I have about this phone is the battery. Rest everything is perfect about the phone. so guys who have got the HTC One S I am waiting for the response from their side. Do reply out guys.

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    Re: I was going to buy the HTC One X but ended up buying the HTC One S

    HTC One X is having a dual core processor as compared to the quad core processor that HTC One X has. So thatís why it is but obvious that HTC One X would be consuming up a lot of battery life. That is understandable nothing great in that. HTC One S has a better battery life because of the less cores and also small screen, thatís why do expect a good battery life in HTC One S. if you are facing problems with the battery of HTC One X then I would ask you to upgrade the firmware of the phone that would be better because I have heard that those who are using firmware version 1.26 will be having battery issues thatís why it is advisable to update your phone with the firmware version 1.27, its a new version from the HTC which claims to improve the battery life of the phone. However donít expect a battery life as better as HTC One S.

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