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Thread: How to reset the password of SAMSUNG GALAXY GT-I9003?

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    How to reset the password of SAMSUNG GALAXY GT-I9003?

    Hi everyone out here in TA I own these model from Samsung as such I donít have much problems with the phone but the problem is that I happened to forgot the security code of the phone. so I need to know how can I reset the password of the phone. Well if that does not happen then the only thing that is possible is the hard reset of the phone. But I am not sure how to proceed ahead with the hard reset of the phone so better would be for me if you can guide me something on that. I have asked many of my friends about the above things but they did not have much knowledge about the same. so thatís why I thought of taking some professional help from you all on these. So what do you all have to say about the same.

    If you can tell me something about the reset of the password then it would be better for me. Because it will not involve doing a hard reset of the pone which itself is a complicated procedure so what do you all says guys. Please reply accordingly over here.

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    Re: How to reset the password of SAMSUNG GALAXY GT-I9003?

    Hey do try these I can’t guarantee that it will definitely work out for you but do try it.

    - Do one thing hold the volume + button and press the home button together.

    - Now keep holding these 2 buttons, along with these 2 buttons also hold the power button for sometime.

    - Release the power button after pressing it for 3-4 seconds. Continue with the pressing of volume + and home button.

    So try it out this is the only valid solution that is known for me. I am sure it will be of good help for you. In case if it does not work out for you then do a Google search about the issue and you might end up getting some solutions.

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