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Thread: Really disappointed with HTC One S

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    Really disappointed with HTC One S

    Hello friend I would say that I am really disappointed with HTC One S. That too in one 2 days before buying this Smartphone, i was not going thinking for this Smartphone as it has very less memory but I don’t know what happened to me as when I went to buy a new Smartphone for myself I just got HTC One S just because there were good reviews about this mobile like it has good battery life and also it has good performance, etc. But now after using this Smartphone for only 2 days I am really feeling that it has good performance but yes its battery life is really very disappointed. As I love to play games on Android Phone so I just downloaded and installed “Where is my water” and then when I started playing the game my battery showed there is 82 percent battery and I played that game for almost an hour but not more than that. After playing this game when I saw the battery was showing 49 percent. And as per me I think that the majority battery concussion is due to the screen. So I have used this phone just for 4 hours and my battery has just 49 percent battery. So I am not able to understand how HTC are managing to sell their phone with such a bad processor. So I would like to know what you think about this phone are you happy with this phone or not.

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    Re: Really disappointed with HTC One S

    I loved this phone where much as it has 4.3 inches for a resolution of 960 540 pixels, which gives us a fairly low score of 256 pixels per inch, against 312 for the One X and 326 for the iPhone 4S, which not only a smaller screen but higher resolution (960 640) since already 18 months! One of the main competitor Sony Xperia S, it is in 1280 720, for a definition of 342 pixels per inch. We very much regret the delay in the rate of pixels per inch on Android in general and it's a shame that HTC did not have a Smartphone with a screen of 1280 720 pixels, as has become the norm since the Galaxy Nexus. It is uncomfortably coupled with a dose of regret that this Smartphone could be perfect if it had benefited from the latest in display including a definition of "HD", which would have smoothed fonts, refine the display of pages and enjoy videos 720p high-profile in their native resolution. In a perfect world, each increase in screen size should be accompanied by an increase in the definition of the screen - especially when you see that the other side of the wall, Apple continues its merry way without worrying too much: and there is not enough, HTC proves this with One S that manufacturers have not yet accused the delay in this matter. The colors are excellent, neither too saturated nor too bland, the blacks are deep. It has less contrast than the Samsung AMOLED displays, but the whole is much more homogeneous: not found the bright colors typical of the Galaxy. Yet, as AMOLED screens, the Achilles heel of this One is the blue S: it is to him that the white will tend to lower the angle of the phone. You cannot blame HTC; no brand has yet found the perfect compromise that would color the white is really white. Note that this "defect" is not bothersome, and that with use, the screen of One S is very comfortable, despite its resolution short of what is done today. With no fault of that side, the Xperia S is the reference. In short, we end up with a stylish Smartphone, the design worked and marking that does not skimp on technology. HTC has made wise choices to offer an efficient and effective model right out of box: Desire as in his time, One S, neither too small nor too big, not too thick or heavy, has all the weapons to become a reference to the general public. Our only regret is will focus on the screen, being HD, could have done to achieve this Smartphone peaks of perfection android phone as medium, that is to say between 3.7 and 4.3 inches.

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    Re: Really disappointed with HTC One S

    I would also agree with above users as it is a good Smartphone I am not able to understand why the thread starter is disappointed by this phone as it is a great phone. I would like to say something about this phone.
    Characteristics, and screen design: robustness and finishes.
    If there's one thing not to be missed for a product to the public key is the design. Everyone recognizes an iPhone: no offense to the critics, this is not so much because users are educated in large support of advertisements that because Apple has found a design that works. On Android, Samsung is often criticized for not having a clean image and the other, not to be consistent, but the general trend is to unify beauty - there is only One and see ranges Xperia 2012 to be convinced.

    HTC has the value of having always been of Smartphone’s rather recognizable. Personal story that was reproduced several times: Friends not particularly keen on new technologies have often told me "oh you have a HTC", whatever the model. It's nothing for them but for me, having tested dozens and dozens of devices, it is a strong sign that a brand that knows how to recognize. Yet the firm had lost a little in 2011, with strange patterns, the Sensation Desire to Z, through the Incredible S or Evo 3D. Not all were bad, but the production of Smartphone’s has unfortunately lost to HTC's image - the flagship Android has become in recent months a machine to flood the market with models more or less failures and not finding the public.

    What do we find inside this HTC One S? No, rephrase the question: do you know what is a CPU? If this is not the case, be aware that the features of this Smartphone will allow you to run the system in the most fluid and it is to enjoy all the games and applications compatible the Google play Store. If you answered yes to the previous question, you are aware that, unlike its big brother the One X; One S has an S4 MSM8260A Snapdragon processor, dual core clocked at 1.5 GHz coupled with 1 GB of RAM. This processor is based on ARM v7 chipset and is supported by an Adreno 225 graphics processor - it's the same duo that will equip example the Asus Padfone.

    What does this mean in practice? First, we stay on the dual-core and in fact, energy consumption is lower. 1650 mAh battery is running smoothly the Smartphone a full day. An interesting benchmark that I had the opportunity to realize is that the 6 o'clock train. Well aware that he still had enough battery to keep the day after the trip - which is not possible, a random Galaxy S II. Second advantage of the dual-core quad-core, this is the emission of heat. This Snapdragon S4, it is very discreet and the Smartphone has never been observed, even in heavy work. Finally, just clean up his bad faith to realize that no application takes advantage of Android is now a quad-core - and since the dual-core are hardly democratized, this is not the case before long, developers have no interest to bother for a small fraction of users. It is ungrateful, but that's how. So, for a mid-range model, HTC has made the right choice: freedom lover’s geek to turn to a One S.

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    Re: Really disappointed with HTC One S

    So just up front, the HTC One S is a great phone from the HTC home. I have the HTC Smartphone One S in black; I would give this mobile a rating of 5 stars. Display: The 4.3 "inch display SuperAMOLED from Samsung one notices immediately. Since cannot keep up the SLCD screen in many other smart phones is used. Unfortunately I have no comparison to SLCD2 display including the one in the HTC X is used. Colors are sharp, especially beautiful resembles the black. Camera: The 8 megapixel camera is genuine top the pictures look very good and are also razor sharp. Videos are great, and because of my Opinion, after 5 or 8 megapixel phones with no difference makes. HTC has been presented here in advance are all in place and function wonderful, especially during cool it is to make a video and photos can be. The VGA front camera, however I do not like. This is as with my previous Smartphone (HTC S) not to use especially since it would like the HTC One X also a 1.3 megapixel camera can be block. Operating system (Android 4.0.3): Yes, what can we say who is so much like Android? I've personally found to be satisfied after a day of no criticisms. But no you get so much of it also with the surface with non-HTC Sense. Most of the changes fall only after a certain time. But one thing is certain, these are I think just about improvements. Especially cool are in the process the "new" multi-tasking and the folder on the home screen.

    Surface (Samsung Sens 4.0): Well, there they would probably argue. In comparison, I had now only 3.0 HTC Sens and I have to say that the new version 4.0 makes this a lot better. The surface appears clearly adult, and there were many effects revised, but still see at least as well off, I think. I know, however, some new with the scythe Surface cannot start as much, but as I mentioned I like it very well.

    Performance: So it all boils down extremely liquid and you have nothing really to wait for long time, I also run a benchmark and the power was on for much on other Smartphone’s (eg Samsung Galaxy Nexus) or tablets (eg Galaxy Tab).

    Compared with the app "Quadrant Standard" from the Google play Store:

    HTC S: 1361 points
    Samsung Galaxy S Plus: 1384 points
    Galaxy R: 2464 points
    HTC One S: 5258 points

    The 1 GB of RAM, make sure here, but also need adjustment. As always, you can only use a portion of it. Only about 689 MB and 1GB of which are usually only about 200 MB free. But as I said, everything is working smoothly and I cannot find a critical point, the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 (MSM8260A) with its 1.5 GHz dual core delivers what it promises.

    Battery: The battery life I think corresponds to the current standard. And of course, vary depending on usage. In extremely heavy use of the Smartphone (music, wireless, surfing, games, etc.) The battery is empty rather quickly, which in my case simply gone no more than about one Day is enough. At slightly less use of the battery can also extend by 2 to 3 days. For a 1650 mAh battery is strong, the thinking at the hardware more to be sufficient.

    Processing: The HTC One S is actually extremely well-made, the display is seamlessly integrated become the uni-body housing. The material that was used is not only beautiful but also holds out very much. A minor complaint I have found, however, the cover of the SIM card slot is a bit "stupid" you have done here watching extreme that the whole thing is true because otherwise, you are often at one point or another but also a small gap of no more strikes. But as I said if you pay attention sitting all right.

    Sound: Yes, well, are not bad. According to reproduce it on the highest volume is still a bit too quiet, as I think. Since Samsung has for example in the lead, this can be heard most clearly in better Compared. But here is the relatively unimportant to me because I do not hear loud music anyway. The voice quality on my HTC One S really great too, because I cannot here for some make. We understand the person on the "other end" very well, and hear from them only it would sound like more what does that mean for me as much as the voice quality is good.

    Delivery: It is really all you need. Even if the packaging rather small and a bit "cheap" is ultimately important. Included are the headphones that were okay, but who wants to exploit Beats Audio should have been pretty good headphones. The best courses there are the monsters themselves from too bad that they do not like such as are included in the HTC Sensation (XE and XL).

    Conclusion: If you want a Smartphone that with its 4.3 "inches is not quite as large, while should still looks really good strike. The quality is really top performance. Value for money when one can argue, of course, to me it was the value for money mobile.

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    Re: Really disappointed with HTC One S

    I am satisfied with my HTC One S till now. HTC ONE S Smartphone has (10.9 cm (4.3 inch) AMOLED touchscreen, 8 megapixel camera, Android OS), Black. Display: Was to be expected, just 960 * 540 resolutions with Pentile matrix. If you look closely you can easily see the Pentile, comparable to the Motorola Razr. For me, nothing bad! 4.5 stars for the Samsung display (manufacturer Samsung! No tint all wonderful!) Reaction just great! Comparable to that of the iPhone 4S! Haptics: This HTC has done a great job, my model feels terrific! Have also done the same test with the bottle caps. Scratches on the aluminum (Note: Only the BLACK version has plasma-coated Aluminum!) And wipe off! Super stable! Consumption according to HTC is not even a case. I'll try it if you can take the developers word. The unit is extremely smooth in your hand; do not feel a "kid gloves" to bear with me. Display glass is processed very clean and has nowhere game! Super-slim body! Sense 4.0: Yes, wonderful, Dropbox 25GB storage, easy setup, runs every time "smooth"! What you should still say great, because HTC has once again done a great job. Everything inside is wonderful!

    Sound: Speaker finally time to use it as such, still a bit tinny, but still very good! Beats Audio stands for itself, great sound via my headphones! But beware, no false expectations, there are no beats in headphones!

    Camera: As described by HTC, the lighter sensitive than the iPhone 4S! Very good results! And even shoot photos while movie recording. What more could you want? I would give it 5 Stars!

    Battery: no statement as to use only so much 1 hour after complete charge, and now 98%. Medium brightness, Dropbox, Google, Twitter, Weather, WhatsApp anything on Autosync! So far, so good!

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    Re: Really disappointed with HTC One S

    I am very disappointed in my HTC One S, "supposedly" bought one of the best cell phones on the market today and ended up being WORSE than my previous phone. What you may not have even two weeks of use, and had more problems than a cell phone with use of 4 years?
    The Cell turns off automatically.
    -No power.
    -When I managed to turn it on again, and I have to wait for around 10 minutes trying to turn this phone.
    It has a Horrible sound
    -The battery lasts for only 4 hours with normal use (messages, occasional call, and to see the time, and the brightness to minimum, I mean I have to be guessing that says, Wi-Fi off, etc).
    -The prediction is good for nothing.
    -Just use it, and I have to stop because the phone is hot, and not amplify, today I was playing around and just use it a few minutes and the temperature was 51 degrees, let alone if I have the phone charging.
    Now I have an annoying problem as when I try to charge the battery by connecting the charger, shows it is charging but it does not charging.

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