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Thread: HTC One S GPS is inaccurate

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    HTC One S GPS is inaccurate

    Before time I had a desire s and the GPS was very much accurate. It was providing awful results sometimes. Now I got a HTC one S. While testing the GPS, it gives me precision of 6m occasionally but some time 80m. Now it looks like a big problem. Whenever you are driving in a big city it is impossible to get the accuracy. Does anyone else test the GPS precision here?

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    Re: HTC One S GPS is inaccurate

    I have downloaded GPSFix (version 1.8.1, 45k) from the Android Market. For now it would be correct, but if you look the mobile network signal or wi-fi, it might have a margin of error of 4.5 km. Now go to settings / location and uncheck "location determined by mobile networks and wi-fi". And do not forget to check the GPS location.

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    Re: HTC One S GPS is inaccurate

    I have a HTC S and am too happy so far, except that the battery life could be better. But my biggest problem of all is the GPS receiver. It is bit of bad. I've already turned over and have performed all steps of software reset, hardware reset and factory reset. I've tried with a new SIM and from another provider. I have also performed comparisons with other cell phone at the same place. All the same, and got a proper location displayed immediately but not with my HTC one S, which was away on a KM.

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    Re: HTC One S GPS is inaccurate

    In order to check the Precision I have used the application GPS Test on a street in Paris..
    Precision of HTC One S 9.1 feet = (2.7m) and precision of HTC One X 11.4feet = (3.4m).
    So by looking at the above result we can say that the HTC One S is more accurate because the number of received satellites theoretically: 11 vs. 13. On the other hand the HTC One X theoretically captures more satellites but here number of satellites actually captured: 9 vs 8. In conclusion, we can say that these two HTC One range smartphones capture and fix quickly, accuracy is very good as well as stability. To conclude this test, I would say that the HTC One S and HTC One X have very good GPS. One S captures the many satellites. Both manage to situate myself within 3 meters and this indoors. In the street, the accuracy is almost exact.

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    Re: HTC One S GPS is inaccurate

    • You have said that you were driving but where you have placed your phone when driving?
    • Did you download a GPS Toolbox which will help you to get a clear overview of satellites are in view? If you are travelling or driving in a large city, the line of sight to the sky varies a lot and the satellite signal might be jammed between high rise buildings.
    • Did you install the latest version of radio firmware?

    I rely on the mobile navigation a lot and I will be more happy if HTC one S give me more and more accurate results regarding it. You have to keep in mind that there are several disruptions can occur which can cause the GPS signal or navigation. For example some cars like have a coating on the windscreen. Usually in cars, you have to use onboard satnav in order to get more accurate navigation along with some other features.

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    Re: HTC One S GPS is inaccurate

    I think especially since you have not enabled GPS location, but just tracking via GSM antennas. You should get minimal differences. I have heard that Initial GPS acquisition seems bit slow in one S as compared to other HTC phone. So far I couldn’t able to find a solution. Hopefully I am looking for a firmware update now.

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