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Thread: Audio quality of HTC One S

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    Audio quality of HTC One S

    I hope that most people already started using the HTC One S. Can anyone explain a bit about audio quality of this phone? I would like to hear your experience about this phone and share comment. Right now I am using the iPhone 4 and I want to witch to HTC one s as my first Android phone.

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    Re: Audio quality of HTC One S

    I love the HTC One S beats and it really makes a big difference with iphone and other phones. I compared it with galaxy nexus but it doesnít withstand against this phone. The iPhone 4 might have some increased bass but HTC one S beats are great in my room. So there is nothing to complain about the sound quality but the disappointed thing is that are headphones are just terrible. They are not in-ear headphones and due to this the sound quality is awfully bad.

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    Re: Audio quality of HTC One S

    Actually the HTC One S doesnít come with Beats headphones because it is not a special beats edition phone. The beats available in this phone is as a standard audio driver but it doesnít mean that it makes the phone as beats special edition.

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    Re: Audio quality of HTC One S

    HTC One S would arrive sans Beats Audio headphone but it there is no guarantee about that. The HTC product executive tells that it doesnít factor whether they give Beats Audio headphone or not. If a customer is buying a smartphone, I will surely buy the Beats headphone directly if he wants. The integration of Beats Audio technology in HTC One S is a key idea to provide impressive audio quality thus improving the selling point over the competition. It is different than what we seen in special beats edition phone. So with the integration of Beats audio technology directly inside the phone, it is not necessary to buy a separate Beats headphone for this phone.

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    Re: Audio quality of HTC One S

    The HTC one S contains a Beats logo on its back. By seeing this logo, you might be thinking that that it comes with a Beats headset included. Actually not, the fact is you need to buy Beats headset separately. The phone comes only with Beats audio equalizer software. I donít know whether it will work with standard headphone or not. This is the first time the HTC comes with a different option. So itís now users choice to select whether he want s to go with the Beats or Standard one.

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