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Thread: How to Re-Partition HTC One S 16GB memory

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    How to Re-Partition HTC One S 16GB memory

    I am using HTC one S and I donít store lots many apps and games on it. But I would like to have some extra space for media contents like images, videos, and music etc. So I am thinking is it possible to partition the 16GB internal memory so that I can have 10GB or more available for media contents and remaining memory or space for phone usage like games, apps and other things. If possible, how can I do it?

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    Re: How to Re-Partition HTC One S 16GB memory

    As far as I know that it is possible to partition the phoneís memory. The Android will allow you to do that and you can customize it in any manner as you like. But the drawback is you cannot do it directly using the stock ROM. You will need to have custom ROM, so that you can repartition the phone when flashing with custom ROM. It means the phone should be rooted to allow the repartitioning.

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    Re: How to Re-Partition HTC One S 16GB memory

    The HTC One S contains 9.8 GB free memory for user storage and only 2 GB free for apps. That totals up to 11.8 GB free. The actual thing is Android works in a different manner than the ios in terms of storage. Android will partition its drive or internal storage for system, cache, and user etc. But it I can be changed by the mobile phone manufacturers and they can choose application and user storage to be separate. This is a way better than the ios storage system.

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    Re: How to Re-Partition HTC One S 16GB memory

    The Android phone makes use of some directories in the internal memory. They are actually called as partitions with different properties. The partition will be read-only, which is meant for system partition with image of the OS. Next is the data partition for other stuff where you can install. Finally a cache partition and this partition can be seen in all phones. The partitions are important because when you reset your phone, data partition gets emptied. Only the system partition stuff remains and loaded at bootup.

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    Re: How to Re-Partition HTC One S 16GB memory

    Usually in Android phone, the 1GB partition is reserved apps, games and widgets etc. But it is sometimes possible to move apps to the remaining 15GB known as USB memory since app supports it. The main intention of partitioning in Android is to protect apps from piracy as well as providing security to the data associated with the apps. Actually all partitions will reside on the same memory chip and so it is possible for us to resize these partitions through rooting methods. Some says that it is unsafe to do but I believe that by following proper method you can achieve this without any issue. Still I would says that 1 or 2 GB is plenty enough for any apps. Having both partition on the same chip, will not slow down the phone. It will be as fast and it is faster than the SD card based storage. This is because Moving apps inside the internal memory will not affect the other operations.

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    Re: How to Re-Partition HTC One S 16GB memory

    So far you have been using your Android phone only for calls, SMS, browsing and basic apps. You should have some knowledge about internal structure of this phone. The Android uses several partitions to organize files, folders and also OS. Each partitions has its own role in terms of functionality of the device. This is significant in Android and users usually donít know about it. The standard internal memory partitions are:
    • /boot
    • /system
    • /recovery
    • /data
    • /cache
    • /misc

    If you are using the SD card on Android phone, then its partitions are:
    • /sdcard
    • /sd-ext

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    Re: How to Re-Partition HTC One S 16GB memory

    There is app called Link2sd in android market which allows you to change the internal memory looks for Android phone. Using this app you can You can fool the android into thinking that SD card isa also an internal memory. For this you must have a root access and you have to make an ext partition on your sd card by the use of option in clockwork mod recovery or using the computer.

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