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Thread: How to fix freezing of Zen V Plus 2GB

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    How to fix freezing of Zen V Plus 2GB

    I am using Zen V Plus 2GB media player. This player freezes very randomly and I cannot play a contentious song on it. At start it use to freeze in hours so I fix it by turning it off and on. Now this is also not working. It freezes and does not shows any signs of recovery. This time the problem was more severe. The power button does not respond. It is stucked on a single screen. I had also tried to press the reset pin in player to reset all the settings. But no help. Later on I connected it to my laptop ensuring that it might work or I can do something from my pc. The player just reboot and stucked on Creative screen. What can be cause of this issue. Does my player is going to stop working. I think there some hardware fault in it. What should I do.

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    Re: How to fix freezing of Zen V Plus 2GB

    There are number of technical reason the player stops working. I lost my songs because of same issue in a different zen player. I had tried a number of stuff to make it work. I had connected that to my system and remove the old drivers. Then re-install he same back again. But it didn't work. I had used a recovery tool to pull songs from it but that also failed. I fixed this issue using Zen CD. Check that you have the same. Zen CD comes with a recovery tool which can be used to fix the freezing or other issue of player. Find the tool and install it. When the tool is installed it will update the player. Connect the player and run the tool. The recovery tool will update the media player which will resolve various problem. To some extent this tool works best in comparison to any other. If still you are not able to troubleshoot this I will recommend you to contact Zen for the support. They might help you out.

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    Re: How to fix freezing of Zen V Plus 2GB

    A firmware update can do the job. If you do not know the process the leave it. There is one more thing you can try. I will recommend you to do this only if you do not want the songs or any data from Zen V Plus player. Because it will wipe out everything. First press the volume/pause button and then press the power button. Hold them for some while so that you can see the recovery mode. In recovery mode you can see a number of options. They are clean up, formal all, Reload firmware and reboot. Press Clean up and then Yes. Then Press Format All and the Yes. Then press reboot. This will wipe out everything. This will also fix other issue of freezing and low charging. You can perform this a number of time whenever. Reload firmware is advance option. You can also update the new firmware by downloading a fresh copy from creative site.

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