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Thread: Apple opposing Android

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    Apple opposing Android

    Recently we have been seeing a great development in technology especially in field of portable devices. The major development has been seen in Apple’s iPhone and iPad and also in Google’s Android operating system and devices using it. But this development has led to a technological war among them as they try to overtake each other in terms of development and also the number of users for their products. If one have its advantages than other tries to get over its advantages and bring something more useful than it. I have been reading about this so call war in technological world involving Apple and Google’s Android for past many months. If one of them brings something new in market, the other one tries to beat it and if it can’t then tries to defame it. What do you people think, who is right and who is wrong in this fight? Do you think that this war will ever end? What do you think is best, Android or Apple’s iOS?

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    Re: Apple opposing Android

    Apple is one of the leading companies which bring innovative ideas in existence but for a user to enjoy and get benefit out of it, they have to pay a huge amount of price. What I mean to say is that an iPhone from its first version has been a great innovation. It is just more than a phone and more than just a device. With its high tech sensors it can actually detect the temperature to the structure of the object that is holding or supporting it. After every new version of iPhone was introduced, Apple added some new feature to it. All this features though are interesting, but the price that is required to buy is very high. Apple brought a new feature called ‘Siri’ in iPhone which responded to human voice like another human should. This is considered as one of the most innovative development in a smartphone. Apple later brought iPad, which challenged the existence and use of laptops. It had most of the functions, features and facilities that a Mac Book Pro provided. But again the price of this product was high. If a user purchased an iPad or iPhone that was of huge price, the user would again need to shell out more money to buy the applications and softwares that used the features of the iPhone or iPad. So if considered, then Apple has given world some of the best products in terms of use and innovation, but the price for which it came was just too heavy.

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    Re: Apple opposing Android

    So the products launched by Apple were too good but faced a major drawback of having a big price. Not many people were ready to buy Apple products due to steep price, so taking advantage of this situation, Google came up with its supporting operating system Android; under which the softwares developed would give nearly same performance and functionality. But it wouldn’t cost much or sometime it would be given away for free. The best thing that Google did was to keep it open for development. So taking advantage of it, many people started developing applications that would run on it. This led to a spread of the Android faster and wider than Apple’s iOS could ever do. When Apple developed iOS, it had predicted that it will be available to majority of people in coming years, but since Android provided better and cheaper solution, it eventually defeated Apple in terms of number of users. I myself have used Android enabled smartphones and Apple’s iPhone, I personally think that Android is better if compared to Apple’s iOS. I like because, it gives more options to modify it according to my requirement and use. As in iOS, I feel that everything is restricted. They have provided functions and features more than Android has, but to enjoy it or utilize it I need to purchase an application that will use it. Similarly, Android doesn’t have so many features, but when need arises for any of the feature, it is more easily and cheaply available.

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    Re: Apple opposing Android

    I use an iPad 3 which is an Apple product and I think it is great for its price. Now you can expect such a great device to be sold cheaply. The cost that people think is big is taken for the hardware that is used in it. Without the hardware, it won’t be more than a displaying unit like a small television with few more controls. It would have become similar to the eBook readers that were available before it. As said by many people that iPad can easily replace laptops in future, it is the hardware that makes that possible. Many other companies tried and are still trying to make tablets that will give a great computing power along with many extra features and also make it available in fewer prices. The hardware required for the quality of output given by iPad 3 increases the cost so much. Even if Android enable devices give freedom of developing an application and having great features, it can’t such intense features like iPhone or iPad.

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    Re: Apple opposing Android

    Not every person is rich in the world enough to afford the iPhone or iPad and again spend on its apps and other features. But many people are in need of such a device that can let them access their documents any time and at any place. So to provide people with these features, Android is very useful. Having a tablet PC is not just about having fancy features. It is also used by many people do useful needs like for their office use or maintaining document, surfing internet while travelling. I know that iPhone and iPad have sensors that detect environment and directions to provide such games and applications that can be played using these features. But what if a person wants a tablet PC for office use and not for gaming, then iPad will prove as a waste of money for him/her. This is the part where Android plays a great role. It provides a less expensive solution to this problem. An Apple iPhone or iPad being a sole property of a single organization, rights for its custom development is not provided to anyone else. Due to this the organization designs it such that it is compatible with phone networks and services that are local to the main origination’s region. Due to this, phone network providers have to change their signals and develop different components for making their network compatible to iPhone and iPad. But since Android is freely available and is Open Source operating system, mobile network providers can develop the hardware according to their existing network. This will cost less in development as nothing will be required to be modified after development.

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