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Thread: How to turn off the key vibration in Nokia Lumia 800?

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    How to turn off the key vibration in Nokia Lumia 800?

    I have recently purchased this new phone from Nokia which is Nokia Lumia 800. So what I want to say is that even after turning off the vibrations in this phone the back key vibration is still working. Whenever I press the back key at that time I can feel the vibration. So can you all tell me what could be the main problem behind it, thatís what I want to know from you. So do reply on that. Also I want to know how to close a particular application completely. Thatís one more thing that is running in my mind and I want to get rid of it. so what do you all have to say about the same? Recently I opened up a page in IE which I did not find it to be interesting hence thatís why I pressed the back button. On pressing the hold back button I found there is no active pages running in the phone and hence I closed the screen but next time when I opened up the browser I could see the whole page loading again. now this was really frustrating for me. As it was taking up the data consumption and also utilizing my battery as well. I donít want that to happen at all. What do you all think about the same? I am waiting for the responses from your side.

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    Re: How to turn off the key vibration in Nokia Lumia 800?

    The feature to disable the key vibration is there in Nokia Lumia 710 and I donít have any idea about the Nokia Lumia 800 since I donít owe that phone. so thatís why I would ask you to have a check in the configuration and then only reply on to that. If you are saying that this feature is not there in Nokia Lumia 800 then it should be enabled by the developers or some firmware update should fix up this issue thatís what I think. Drop in a mail suggestion to the nokia people about this and they will get back to you soon.

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    Re: How to turn off the key vibration in Nokia Lumia 800?

    Sorry to say dude but capacitive key vibration cannot be disabled at all. I know thatís a sad thing to say but it cannot be disabled at all. You will have to live with this phone with such feature. As far as closing the pages are concerned in the internet explorer browser. I am quite sure that you might have not closed all the active tabs in the browser and hence it has loaded all the pages back again when you have opened up the browser. Just by pressing the back button does not ensures that the particular application or a browser completely shuts down, no thatís not the case at all. All the tabs in the browser have to be completely closed down and then if you want then you can press the back button. Hope that was a helpful suggestion for you. Do work on the same.

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    Re: How to turn off the key vibration in Nokia Lumia 800?

    Yes I quite agree with you all guys on the same so you will have only two options in front of you and they are

    1) Go sell of the phone and better get a new phone sighting this as your reason.

    2) The second option is to stick with the current phone and carry on with it.

    So both the options are totally yours and hence you will have to decide on that.

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