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Thread: Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade for LG Spectrum

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    Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade for LG Spectrum

    Does anyone know when LG spectrum will get upgrade to ice cream sandwich? Do you think that the LG spectrum compatible with this upgrade?

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    Re: Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade for LG Spectrum

    LG has this year made sympathetic to its end with its software update policy and it looks as though the South Koreans want things to continue to take things more leisure. The 2nd Quarter begins in April and ends in late June. Since LG has announced that that the Android 4.0 ICS update will eventually end up "during" this period, it could be, at worst, have to wait for the owners of the units of the South Korean manufacturer until late in the summer, before the update officially obtained. Whether LG thinks that ice cream sandwich is better enjoyed in the hot months?

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    Re: Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade for LG Spectrum

    It may look nice, but I do not buy anymore. I think it not strange that LG has no fist can make in the high end segment.

    I still have an Optimus 2x with much fanfare presented as fastest Android Phone and in May would get the update to 2.3. Well that update has finally arrived in mid-november. The touchscreen and the unit is not totally respond to name. If they now say that the spectrum gets an update to ICS, keep in mind that if it is going to take place only end of this year.

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    Re: Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade for LG Spectrum

    THE Korean manufacturer LG has presented the LG Spectrum what will be the successor to the LG Revolution to compete in the market for high-end Smartphones, a phone that features a large 4.5 inch IPS HD display, in addition to its Snapdragon processor 1.5 GHz S3, together with a 1 GB of RAM. It currently works with Android 2.3 Gingerbread, but LG has announced that it will probably upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich. LG Spectrum also has an integral 8 megapixel camera that allows full HD recordings, plus a 1.3 megapixel front camera for video calls.

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    Re: Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade for LG Spectrum

    It must be said that for most of these models is given the opportunity to evolve to Ice Cream Sandwich at a later time. But the promises of the manufacturers in this regard have proved on many occasions rather inconsistent, especially as regards the time of signature updates. They know something users of LG Optimus, terminal presented in February 2011 in Android version 2.2, which have had to wait until November to get the update to Android 2.3 (Gingerbread).

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    Re: Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade for LG Spectrum

    Upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich is serious business; this is a very different operating system than its predecessors. For this (but also to permit Google to deliver more sophisticated versions of the software) vendors try to take time. Desirable, at this point, that the turnover can take place in conjunction with the debut of new models in Europe.

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