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Thread: What do you think about the Tegra 3 SoC performance in HTC One X?

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    What do you think about the Tegra 3 SoC performance in HTC One X?

    After a long research I found that Apple’s Ipad 3 gpu actually greater than twice the performance of the HTC One X but it was in offscreen 720p mode. The reason I am telling you about this is because now even doubt the performance of the games which are going to be played in this phone having such low resolution.

    I know that the resolution is far better than other smartphones but if compare with ipad then it lack in lot of aspects. Read in the HTC One X specs that this phone has a Tegra 3 system chip which has now really excited me a lot and forcing me to go for this device soon as possible. What you all people think about this technology being implemented in our very own device.

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    Re: What do you think about the Tegra 3 SoC performance in HTC One X?

    I am very much worried with the ipad games which the game makers are going to optimize, I am sure they are never going to make those games run on a native resolution but something near around 720p. And ultimately this would mean that our HTC One X will be unable to run this ipad’s optimized games in any ways with even less than half the performance of the ipad.
    Now my question over here is that how exactly the upscaling looks (1:4) if compared with the native low resolution (1:1). I am sure once if you try out the GLBechmark offscreen 760p test, the result will surely make you to think twice for the decision of buying this One X. I am already not at all in a plan of buying an outclassed GPU as heard that the upscaled games would be somehow able to run 2x on this ipad 3 whereas the One X is incapable of keeping up before even getting released.

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    Re: What do you think about the Tegra 3 SoC performance in HTC One X?

    For your kind information let me tell you that there have been multiple place where most of the game developers has mentioned that iPad3 GPU is not going to be sufficiently enough in order to feed the massive pixel counts, so therefore we can say that we need to surely expect a lot of upscaling, anandtech is one amongst us.

    Also people do keep ignoring the fact that most of the Tegrazone T3 have enhanced most of the games using quad cores for graphics, so therefore according to me the T3 standalone GPU is not going to keep up but surely the quads will do so. Actually the Tegra3 has been completely designed as a mobile graphic solution, you can take Shadowgun THD and Glowball demos as the real world example so therefore you cant say that it’s a direct comparision between Apple to Apple.

    And to if anyone has to really stand against and compete with ipad then they must be able to optimize the game for T3 in order to code level which according to me is never going be possible outside Tegra Zone.

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    Re: What do you think about the Tegra 3 SoC performance in HTC One X?

    For your knowledge, most of the game is being optimized just for their platform and not for some other unusual things. Heard that unity developer’s documents is going to revealed that they are going to optimize for each and every main GPU in the market, and about the Tegrazone I would say that it is literally the best reason for buying a T3. I never ever thought or imagined that the shadowgun can be possibly run by DHD with Adreno205. In the case of ipad the devices are supposed to optimize for the tile based GPU, and keeping all those pixels inside a tile based buffer is surely going to create a huge problem for this ipad3 games. I am not sure with the iphone5, if they want to keep the parity with the ipad3 iPhone5 will have to carry out 543MP4, they might simply increase the speed of the iPhone4 CPU from 800 to 1000 by keeping the GPU as old.
    If you decide to make the GPU benchmarks keeping Xbox 360 and PS3, surely Xbox 360 will go beyond the expectation with PS3 GPU.

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    Re: What do you think about the Tegra 3 SoC performance in HTC One X?

    In today’s time everyone know s that not just we common user but also the developers favors Apple’s iOS against Android not just with one or two aspects but almost in all cases. Especially with gaming, I am sure that even this HTC One X is going to be the same as other android device and give us the same average experience with gaming.

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    Re: What do you think about the Tegra 3 SoC performance in HTC One X?

    Yeah I do agree with you but certainly not regarding the HTC One X fact. If you ask any graphic expert even they might be speaking in favor or Tegra3, according to them there is no parity in iOS games as compared to Android. Also they say that Tegrazone has lots of games, not only this but also Tegra3 is currently running number of games lot better than on iPad2 with much higher resolutions.

    I don’t see any comparsion between Tegra3 and iPad3, in fact if you ask me I would say the competition between Tegra3 and iPad2, the extra cores are simply being served to feed more pixels even if the pixels are minutely upscaled beyond 4x. I would better suggest you to check out the unity development document in order get clear picture and more idea.

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