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Thread: Samsung Galaxy Note I717 charging very slow

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    Samsung Galaxy Note I717 charging very slow

    I am getting really strange problem with my Samsung Galaxy Note I717. This is a brand new piece and didnít install anything extra yet one it. But it seems to me that the device is charging very slowly. The charge speed is reasonable even with the stock charger. I donít expect much speed from the PC USB ports because they are only 500mA. I didnít get any reason for this issue.

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy Note I717 charging very slow

    In my experience with the same device I can tell you that this process is normal. Usually it takes about 3 to 4 hours to be fully charged. Sometimes it also depends on how much data stored in your device and the activity of phone while it is charging. If the phone is active in the background and some processes are still running, then the device might take longer time to charge fully.

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy Note I717 charging very slow

    I also think that it is perfectly normal. Have a stock battery and until take a few charges and discharges, the battery does not get used to that cycle. Typically it takes about 2 hours with the charger , worse is better to use the USB and take several hours to charge but then the discharge rate is lower and longer. You also must account the capacity of the battery (1650 Mha) and the charger. At the opposite pole is the download time that you spend screen with dual core and very little hard.

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy Note I717 charging very slow

    The cause of this problem is not only the hardware but also software. Plans for saving battery hereby confirm that they are not very useful because it does not allow you to use your phone to its full charge; depending on what you set it makes you use your smartphone to its fullest performance. The task manager are not so convinced that you have no time, it happens often that the phone will slow down because of bad app running in the background and are making their operations which you cannot control them. Killing those processes, phone recovers and returns to normal speed.

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy Note I717 charging very slow

    It does not make too much difference but still: for the Li-ion batteries it is healthiest when it is not always loads up to 100% (and then also depend on the charger still can) and do not always consume the entire battery to 0%. Ideally, one should always keep the charge of between approximately 20 and 80-90%.

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