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Thread: HTC One X from T-Mobile

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    HTC One X from T-Mobile

    We have been hearing rumors about the HTC One X smartphone will launch on T-Mobile this summer. The good thing is that T-Mobile will go with the quad-core Tegra 3 processor on this mobile because it supports HSPA+, which makes the phone as Global version. I heard that the T-Mobile will rename the phone as G4x and the phone will ship with stock Android 4.0 like their other G-series devices.

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    Re: HTC One X from T-Mobile

    Well T-Mobile is about to repeat the operation, taking this time the HTC One X as a basis for it graft the name T-Mobile G4X. Therefore we find ourselves with a smartphone with a Tegra quadcore processor running Android 4.0 3 Ice Cream Sandwich. However, the T-Mobile is not alone in wanting to repeat the latest brand in its own version. Sprint would also be interested to see the HTC One X integrate its range, without affecting the overlay Sense this time. However, if Sprint wants to keep the capabilities of 4G LTE smartphone, the choice will be the HTC One XL variant dualcore processor and 4G HTC One X.

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    Re: HTC One X from T-Mobile

    I really love this HTC One X mainly because it is an attention gabbing smartphone with impressive personality along with some superb quality features. The large number of included features makes this phone truly brilliant. The stylish widget is really stunning.

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    Re: HTC One X from T-Mobile

    If you are really interested in buying this phone. You can order the HTC T-Mobile One X. Learn more about the rates of T-Mobile you get when you click on the tariff name. It will be shipped by DHL to your mobile phone COD payment; HTC one X also pay with PayPal. A possible payout you receive the full amount and paid a sum after 14 days for your bank account. The supply of mobile phones with contract from T-Mobile is free shipping!

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    Re: HTC One X from T-Mobile

    HTC One X is a stunner with monthly pay attractive physical features. It has everything that needs to be a Android smartphone. On the other way we can call it as High end Android smartphone soon will be available for market place. Not only the T-mobile but also other network provider are targeting the same phone and release it with their own version or own brand.

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