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Thread: I got so many Frustrations after using the Nokia Lumia 710.

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    I got so many Frustrations after using the Nokia Lumia 710.

    Hi, friends I recently purchased the Nokia Lumia 710. When I started to use this Lumia 710 I got so many problems I can tell one by one. First of all I copied the 32gb data from sd card to desktop. Recently purchased Nokia Lumia, one I opened up then I found that there is no memory card slot. After that I started to search out on the Google about this issue say about half an hour result was no sd card slot. I immediately call the shop so that I can exchange the phone. Unfortunately I could not do that please I donít argue. Next I went My GSM provider for exchanging the micro sim then he told me that you have paid 14 Us dollar. Then I purchased it then after I put my sim card in and my first task was that transfer the contact from Nokia E63. Unfortunately it failed. I tried 16 times but I could not so that. I wanted to check the weather report when I started to search this application then I got that for this application you have to 2.5 dollars. During first charging I used the USB and then what I saw that in computer it was still charging. After all 2 hours had been finished. I was accessing the Google it also create account problem for getting online. When I tried to access the Gmail account then further I got the problem. the reason was behind this my password was so complicated, I thought that it would be better to copy all the text in the mobile at that time Zune didnít send any kind of document into my mobile phone. So tell me now friends Is this kind of problem have faced in your life? After spending so many dollars on this I am getting huge amount of problem from this.

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    Re: I got so many Frustrations after using the Nokia Lumia 710.

    Here I can say that dude, you got so much problem I think you wonít be happy with Nokia. Here I can say some points regarding your issue. I will recommend you that cut your regular size sim to micro sim. In the market place there is number of the free weather apps are available. From side I would suggest you that go for the accuweather. Regarding the charging I would say that USB of computer always charged with the low rate. Some of the USB port sometimes drains the power from your phone at the time of charging.

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    Re: I got so many Frustrations after using the Nokia Lumia 710.

    Regarding the Gmail account here I would suggest you that your Gmail account should have IMAP i.e. Internet message access protocol which should be enable. After that try to change the password of the Your Gmail account. Really it works for most of the people. As for as your document concern I would suggest you that use sky drive application. If you donít have the skydrive application, download from the site and uploads your document on skydrive.

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    Re: I got so many Frustrations after using the Nokia Lumia 710.

    The batteries which are used in the Modern phone, you cannot charge overcharge that battery. I think you might have seen that whenever you charge the mobile phone, while charging done then you can see the message that youíre mobile has fully charged. Phone stops the charging during this. One more thing I just wanted to tell you that if you leave your battery on charging for a long time there may be chances of that your battery will get damaged. I will recommend you that please charge the battery very often when required.

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