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Thread: Xbox 360 cannot read NTFS formatted Flash drive

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    Xbox 360 cannot read NTFS formatted Flash drive

    Recently I purchased a new Transcend16GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive. I have formatted it to NTFC. Now I can store MKV, AVI etc files in it and plug it into blue ray player to play with it. There it works fine. I also have a XBOX 360 and here the problem is, when I put it on Xbox 360 nothing plays up. When I put the flash drive in it, it converts drive into FAT and there I can save games but I donít want it for that purpose. I want to play movies only which does not work. How can I get around this?

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    Re: Xbox 360 cannot read NTFS formatted Flash drive

    I always format my USB to NTFS. The first time, it must be done in a DOS window, then use the format command. Then you can do so from the context menu key, in Windows explorer.
    Type in the DOS window
    format /?
    That lets you view different command options.
    Format f: / fs: ntfs
    You will only need to type drive letter. The upper and lower case are not important except probably if you want to change the key name in Windows explorer.

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    Re: Xbox 360 cannot read NTFS formatted Flash drive

    Did you try exFAT?

    The file system exFAT (Extended File Allocation Table) is the successor to the FAT32 system and brings many improvements like the ability to format volumes larger than 32 GB, support for files over 4 GB or performance reviews upward. The NTFS file system already brought such optimizations compared to the exFAT FAT32 but does not have the same purpose as NTFS. It does not indeed destined to internal HDDs for PCs and servers but mainly to external storage devices including those that use flash memory like USB sticks or memory cards. Besides better performance with flash drives, the exFAT also ensures a much better interoperability between the storage medium and the majority of operating systems.

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    Re: Xbox 360 cannot read NTFS formatted Flash drive

    I have seen that many users are getting problem with reading USB flash drive on Xbox 360. So it seems to me that not all external drives or media source detected by Xbox 360. You should try a media share with computer. It is very easier in order to stream movies.

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    Re: Xbox 360 cannot read NTFS formatted Flash drive

    I think that you have not converted the files to right format otherwise I simply assume that your console does not have necessary update with patch and bug fixes.

    Most USB flash drives are recognized by the Xbox 360 have problems and the system menu of the console (menu item: memory) to be configured before use. This means that it will erase all data from the stick. Then you can determine, among other things, how much space on your USB stick for the 360-Scores and data should be reserved.

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    Re: Xbox 360 cannot read NTFS formatted Flash drive

    NTFS does not seem to be supported by the Xbox 360. I tried this and nothing happens, as if the device was not detected.

    While FAT32, it is perfectly supported by the console, you can simply plug the flash drive and is immediately recognized, allowing you to play your multimedia files in any supported format. This poses a problem!

    The main difference of these two types of formatting, and the size limit for files transferred onto a USB to FAT32! As with the formatting to NTFS, you cannot move large files on a USB FAT32. A film in 720p (HD ready) which takes about 4.7 G cannot be viewed on the Xbox 360 via USB.

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    Re: Xbox 360 cannot read NTFS formatted Flash drive

    The Xbox 360 cannot read NTFS or exFAT format. The NTFS allows for faster data access. But not all gold that glitters. NTFS also presents a number of drawbacks. First we must remember that a PC formatted with the FAT32 file system will not be able to read a memory NTFS.

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