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Thread: Not getting Full RAM(512Mb) in Xperia Ray.

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    Not getting Full RAM(512Mb) in Xperia Ray.

    HI, guys I recently purchased the SONY Ericson Xperia Ray. One day I was checking feature of my mobile then I saw that I was not getting full RAM in my phone. So can anyone tell me what the problem is and how to solve it?

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    Re: Not getting Full RAM(512Mb) in Xperia Ray.

    Now, I would to say that actually currently you are getting 512Mb of ram in this case this is actual default amount of RAM. Whenever you check your memory at that time you will see that some of the memory uses by system application. I can you give example also. Let us consider that your phone has 1 GB memory which defaults and when you install the android Operating system in that then you will see that actual amount will be less. This case applies on RAM.

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