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Thread: How to configure Media Centre Extender (Xbox 350) in windows 7?

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    How to configure Media Centre Extender (Xbox 350) in windows 7?

    I have a Media Center Extender (Xbox 350) and currently I am using windows 7. The problem is that I can’t configure Media Center Extender (Xbox 350) in my windows 7. Though I have tried wired as well as wireless connection but can’t succeed. I tried with disconnecting firewall on the computer. As the end result also I can’t find complete my configuration. Is there anything that I can do, help please?

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    Re: How to configure Media Centre Extender (Xbox 350) in windows 7?

    See I have attached Media Centre Extender (Xbox 350) in my windows 7. The step that I have done I can show you. First run the gpedit.msc file. Then move to the computer configuration from there go to administrative template. Then go to windows components after that go to remote desktop services. Then to remote desktop host at last there will be security. Click on security you to enable "Set client connection encryption level" & change encryption level to 'Client Compatible'. Then disable "Always prompt for password upon connection”.

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    Re: How to configure Media Centre Extender (Xbox 350) in windows 7?

    I had these problem but solved the issue was the media center extender service is disabled. You can look in your system that does in your case it is the same mistake. First check the things that are disabled in your computer by running the service.msc file. It will show an entire list that is disabled check if media center extender is enabled then right click on it. Then select properties and set the type as automatic.
    Then restart and see whether it worked.

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    Re: How to configure Media Centre Extender (Xbox 350) in windows 7?

    The problem is the firewall. Just have a look that Media Center Extenders exists in your windows firewall.
    1) Start windows firewall with advanced security for these you have to click on start then all programs. Then click on administration tools and if these exist then go to control panel then windows firewall and select advanced setting. If you can’t find Media Center Extenders then run WF.msc at your window.
    2) Click the inbound rules which will be appearing in the left side. If you find Media Center Extenders rules group then scroll down. If Media Center Extenders rules group is there your firewall setting is alright.
    3) On right side of action pain click ‘new rules’. Then select rule type as predefined and scroll down.
    4) If media center extender is found there make sure it is ended with ‘.reg’ and save it.
    5) Then back up first your data then double click on the saved ‘.reg’ it will update to registry. Now the new media center is introduced in firewall. Then again to step 2) because to add new rules to the out band rules.
    6) Go to the windows firewall
    I found it here and I unable it here.
    7) Then at last reboot the system
    It had worked fine at my case.

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