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Thread: Want help to reinstall preloaded android apps

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    Want help to reinstall preloaded android apps

    I am not able to understand what happen a lot of apps is missing in my device. I want to er-install it. There are many pre-loaded apps which are not visible. I want them all back. There were some free games which came pre-installed with my device only and when I went back on android market to download it shown as paid. All this has happened after a recent update.

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    You said that you had updated your phone. So in the new update all this apps is removed. That is why you are not able to see it. If you had done the update manually like rooting stuff then you will have to restore your old rom back again to get that. You can try searching for the stock rom the web where you can get more details about that. There are specialized tools which are used for the flashing purpose.

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    It is right. I am having a LAVA phone which I had rooted and installed a custom firmware. After that I am unable to find any pre-installed applications. But compare to the old one this custom ram is really fast. It is smooth and there is no problem with the performance. I am using the same from long time. Stock rom does not help you much in customization, but when you are on custom you can do many things.

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    Re: Want help to reinstall preloaded android apps

    If you want to reinstall your previous android apps then you should use your library files and backup of your phone so that you can retrieve you previous android apps. If you don't have any backup then you should contact with your service provider of your phone and they can avail you apps for your android phone.

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