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Thread: Apple ipod touch IOS 5 update

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    Apple ipod touch IOS 5 update

    I am having the ipod touch. I am thinking to upgrade the ipod touch (4.3.5) to IOS 5 but I am wondering that, if doing this will delete any of the apps or games or something else from the existing system. Other than this, I want to know that what improvement will I see after the upgrade.

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    Re: Apple ipod touch IOS 5 update

    The best way for you is to make the backup for those things and then do the update. I am telling you this because if it happens that the data get lost by chance then also you will be having the backup for that.

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    Re: Apple ipod touch IOS 5 update

    Here are 10 most important innovations in iOS 5 are:
    • New Notifications in the Message Center
    • Kiosk (digital newspaper and magazine kiosk)
    • Extensive Twitter integration
    • Safari Reader button and Reading List items for later reading
    • Memories (Reminders) (own-do list app)
    • Camera (fast access via new screen button)
    • Mail (better search, rich text formatting, etc)
    • PC Free (iPhone into use without iTunes link)
    • Game Center (recommendations and pictures of players)
    • iMessage (private messaging, such as WhatsApp)

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    Re: Apple ipod touch IOS 5 update

    Hey you are missing some of the most important points here that I wish to list here;
    • Scroll between camera
    • Weather Hourly forecast in the Weather app
    • New version of Bluetooth AVRCP profile
    • Easily create and modify appointments with a finger
    • Choose from multiple pathways in iOS 5
    • Delete music from your iPhone
    • Notification Style push notification setting
    • Support for Hotmail in iOS 5

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    Re: Apple ipod touch IOS 5 update

    The addition of icloud is one of the biggest additions in iOS 5. This cloud service ensures that your files on a server at Apple can upload through another device. Thus it is possible to automatically download pictures taken on your iPhone, PC or Mac with Photo Stream and can easily swap between saved game files from iDevices. It is also possible to backup your iPhone to store in the cloud, so you no longer have to rely on iTunes.

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    Re: Apple ipod touch IOS 5 update

    Another important addition in iOS 5 is the Message Center (Notification Center). In the Message Center collected all kinds of messages and warnings, such as upcoming appointments, missed calls or messages app normally as push notification would appear on your iDevice. You show the Message Center by the top of your screen to pull it down. Besides your push messages, you also find two widgets for weather information and stock prices. Push messages are also significantly changed: these no longer appear as a blue pop-up screen on your iDevice, but if a white strip on top of screen. Also they no longer interrupt the game you play or the movie you are watching.

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    Re: Apple ipod touch IOS 5 update

    A patent awarded to Apple talks about the use of multiple widgets in iOS 5. This could involve Apple widgets, but chances are that other developers in iOS 5 at the battle may go with their own widgets.

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    Re: Apple ipod touch IOS 5 update

    Apple makes sure that iOS 5 Twitter fully integrated in the operating system. This makes it possible for a just captured image directly from the Camera app to tweet, or an interesting link from Safari to share with your Twitter Followers. The connectivity also works the other way: Twitter names are linked to your address book so that you and your friends together easily found on the social network.

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