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Thread: Updating phone to Mango OS Tricks

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    Updating phone to Mango OS Tricks

    I have recently updated to mango with the trick to update. Just to share, I want to tell that for this you will have to turn off the data on phone and also the wifi. After that search for the Zune software. You can also kill the wifi from there also. This trick worked for me and the update worked for me without any problem.

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    re: Updating phone to Mango OS Tricks

    If you have not yet received notification of updates then there is possibility that you arenot able to see the update offer. To get that, simply connect your Windows Phone to your computer and launch Zune. Once the synchrinosation is made, the update should show up.
    If this is not work then from the Zune, do the following:
    1. Click 'Settings' at the top right of Zune.
    2. Click the 'Phone' in the top left of Zune.
    3. Click the 'Update'.
    4. And finally, click 'Update' if the update is offered.

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    re: Updating phone to Mango OS Tricks

    Above posted method is very correct but in case if this failed to work and there is no sign of update then there is one another way for this. This method allows to bypass a check that Zune is before offering you the update. Here's how:
    1. Launch Zune (without connecting your Windows Phone)
    2. Take your Windows Phone and switch off the Wifi and data connection. To do this, go to 'Settings' -> 'Wi-Fi' -> 'Network Wi-Fi': Off (for Wifi), then 'Settings' -> 'Mobile Network' -> 'Data Connection' : Off (for data connection.)
    3. Connect your Windows Phone to your computer.
    4. Search manually update from Zune (see the first method).
    5. Approximately 3 seconds after starting the search for the update, disconnect your computer from internet (Wifi Disconnect or unplug your Ethernet cable / USB).
    6. The update should be offered to you.

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    re: Updating phone to Mango OS Tricks

    If there is the simple way to do this then there is no need to bypass the program. You can do the same with the simple steps and here are those steps:
    1. Open the Zune software and connect your phone to the PC Windows.
    2. Go to settings> updates and check for new updates, if you see a notice, and triumphed, and you can upgrade to handle directly.
    3. If you do not see any update and tells you your WP7 is updated, your windows phone disconnects and reconnects to the PC, check once more updates, but just preciones the button Check / check for new updates off your PC by removing Internet Internet cable or turning off the WiFi.
    4. Zune software will continue checking for updates, wait about 30 seconds and debra see a notification of an update.
    5. Plug the internet back and accept the update.

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    re: Updating phone to Mango OS Tricks

    I would never recommend anyone to try some method other than the default method. For some of the users, it worked but there is possibility that it will affect the phone in negative way.

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    re: Updating phone to Mango OS Tricks

    If you also to the Windows Mobile 7 users and still on mango waiting for update and failed to get update then with a easy trick you will be able to force the update through the Zune software. For this during the update process quickly breaks the connection to the network (Ethernet cable or WiFi). After this on the next update attempt it should work, if not repeat the whole thing again.

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    re: Updating phone to Mango OS Tricks

    Itís very simple to do that. First go to the Zune software update and from there go to Settings -> Phone. Now click on Refresh. When you do that then normally it will show you "an update of available". Accept that and it will update that. The only thing to keep in mind is that you are having proper internet connection.

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