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Thread: NO SIM CARD Error in Dell streak 5

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    NO SIM CARD Error in Dell streak 5

    Hi friends I am using Dell streak 5 and I have facing problem from last some days with my Dell streak 5. It has suddenly started giving me NO SIM CARD error. i have turn off the device and the turn it on again but it does not make any difference. What should I do to solve this problem?

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    Re: NO SIM CARD Error in Dell streak 5

    As you have mentioned that this problem has started suddenly in your Dell streak device and that is why I would like to tell you that you should try different SIM card with your Dell streak 5 and after that you have to check whether same problem is occurring or not. if you are experiencing same problem with different SIM card then there might be problem with your Dell streak and if you don’t any issue with different SIM card then you need to change your SIM card.

    First check this so that you can understand exact problem.

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    Re: NO SIM CARD Error in Dell streak 5

    If you are facing problem with all SIM card in your Dell streak then you should try to solve this problem by resetting your Dell streak 5. You have to first taken the backup of all the data from your Dell streak 5 and then reset the device and after resetting the device problem might get solved.

    To reset the device you have to go to the setting

    • Then you have to select privacy option.
    • After selecting the privacy option you have to select factory data reset.
    • Now tap on the reset device
    • And then erase everything.

    Now after doing this your problem might get solved.

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