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Thread: Can I update Sony Ericsson xperia mini via Linux

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    Can I update Sony Ericsson xperia mini via Linux

    Hello friends, is there any software or program which is been created by sony ericsson and be able to run on Linux. I have founded that there is only a way to update linux kernel phone is via windows. I do not wanted to use any wine or any virtual box for it. I wanted to do the update of it with a simple method, as we do in windows. SO there should be something for the Linux user for updating the phone without setting up a vm or even using an emulator . SO are the developer of Sony Ericsson are working to make some program for Linux. Please tell me, thank you.

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    Re: Can I update Sony Ericsson xperia mini via Linux

    There is no such a method for it, you have use virtual box or a Windows based PC to do updated of the phone. Where i know that the Sony Ericsson is not having any plans to make a program for Linux or Mac based version of the Update Service or PC Companion software, so you have to use Virtual Box for it.

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    Re: Can I update Sony Ericsson xperia mini via Linux

    I have updated the phone to latest version, as i have received a message showing "That the phone has the latest software version" and have updated through WLAN. It is due that i have connected my phone to Wi-Fi, so i am able to search for any of the updates for phone. It is possible to that, whereas i am having access to the internet via my private network. You need to place the Wi-Fi router then you can set the Linux as the access point, so is there any wireless network card installed along with the wired connection towards the internet then it will work for you. I have done the same method and worked for me with Ubuntu 10.04.

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    Re: Can I update Sony Ericsson xperia mini via Linux

    I think that you need to conned the Wi-Fi to the machine and you will be able to update the phone with the Wi-Fi, so you try that might be work and also update phone.

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