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Thread: need to set startup services in my xperia mini

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    need to set startup services in my xperia mini

    I am frustrated with the startup applications which are set as soon as my phone starts up. I just wanted to know whether is there any way from which I can disable the applications which are set as the startup application and also I can set those applications as the startup which I personally preferred to be as the startup apps.

    To make it simpler to understand let me tell you that you all must be aware of the startup process available in the windows based pc. You must have noticed that whenever we start our pc there are some applications like yahoo messenger or gmail which automatically gets opened up as soon as your pc starts. The same think which happens in android phone, I need to change them and also disable them.

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    Re: need to set startup services in my xperia mini

    Trust me I am completely unaware about such applications available from which we can enable or disable the startup services. I always felt that those applications or services are per selected during the time the system was inbuilt. In fact after reading your post even I am desperate to know whether there is such application existing on internet from which you can really set those startup activities.

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    Re: need to set startup services in my xperia mini

    Well, neither one nor two there are several applications available on internet. those applications. But for the betterment of your phone it is suggested not to install that application as they are more harmful to your own phone. It creates problem whenever you try to use that application while turning off those services which are as it is essential for your phone.

    Maybe you unlike those applications or services which appears as the startup services but you know, there are some services which are necessary to be set as the startup service for the betterment of your phone. So if your try out to disable those applications using some application then it is indirectly going to harm your own handset. That’s why people are suggested not to mess up with the startup services. Anyways now its your choice whether to install the app or not.

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    Re: need to set startup services in my xperia mini

    My friend you are absolutely correct, I am one of its victim. There was no one to guide me and I unfortunately once install an app to keep some startup services disabled. But the scenario changed, I use to think that the app is able to disable the services. It was true but the next thing was that the disable service use to get enabled automatically by itself and then again the application use to disable it then again it uses to get enabled and so on. The process use to continue, this resulted in excess usage of battery and later on shorten the battery life. Better you keep the services running instead of my mistakes like I did.

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    Re: need to set startup services in my xperia mini

    We can do it but I think we need to have dynamic option like we have in windows operating system. There must be some inbuilt option available in android phone itself to disable the start up services keeping the necessary services by default enabled. So that these necessary services runs as it is. Android should also introduce the apps which can easily tackle up the start services without causing the above mentioned problem.

    Maybe there are some applications present in the market which are available without any negative impact on the phone but we are still unaware of it.

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