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Thread: Cannot turn on WiFi with LG G2x

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    Cannot turn on WiFi with LG G2x

    Hello friends, I am using the LG G2x and I am very happy with the features of this. Whenever I try to turn this on then it shows me message as "turning on" and after about one minute it shows me the message 'error'. I was searching for the solution of this issue but not got any working solution for this. I have already tried with restarting the phone, full factory restore and updating with the help of the LG update tool but nothing works. Do you have suggestion that can help me to get this issue resolved. If yes then please let me know that. Please reply as early as possible.

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    Re: Cannot turn on WiFi with LG G2x

    There is one trick that you can try with this. Just take out the battery, SIM, SD card from the phone and keep that as it is for about one minute. While doing this, you must ensure that you have not connected the charger with the phone. Now, reinsert all those things in to the phone to their places. I donít know that what is the logic behind this but some of the times this helps in many of the similar issues and I hope that it will do the same for you.

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    Re: Cannot turn on WiFi with LG G2x

    I think that your phone is too away from the router and that is the reason that it is facing difficulty in the connection. So make sure that you are within the range of the router and you will not get any problem to connect to the wifi.

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    Re: Cannot turn on WiFi with LG G2x

    I think that the settings for the wifi in the phone is set to static and so you are facing this problem. What you can do is, just go to the settings and from there change it to DHCP and keep all the settings to the same. So do this and after that try to connect to the wifi and this will solve the problem for you.

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    Re: Cannot turn on WiFi with LG G2x

    This problem might be because of the firmware problem. Either that is corrupted or outdated. Just download and install the latest update for the firmware and see if that helps you to get the problem resolved.

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