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Thread: How can I get PR1.1 update for Nokia N9?

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    How can I get PR1.1 update for Nokia N9?

    Recently I have purchased Nokia N9. I was looking to get PR1.1 update for my device. However I did not get any notification about the same. So tell me how can I get update for the same? Let me know if you are having any idea about the above mentioned topic. Thanks a lot in advance.

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    Re: How can I get PR1.1 update for Nokia N9?

    If updates are not supposed to show up automatically then you have to check into Nokia Software Updater. You can get NSU from the official website of Nokia. If still you are not able to meet the requirement of yours than you should use Navifirm and download the desired firmware. After that use maemo flasher in order to update firmware on Nokia N9 of yours.

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    Re: How can I get PR1.1 update for Nokia N9?

    You can update the device by performing following steps.
    • You should click on following link.
    • you have to select Nokia N9.
    • It will notify update availability as
    • Latest software release for Nokia N9 is 20.2011.40-4/22.2011.44-2
    • You have to get drop-down 'green' which will show all the features.
    • Now you have to select Update Using Your PC
    • You will get drop-down menu where you will see green' "Download" button. You should not click on that.
    • you should sync your device with computer with the update else you will lose your content.
    • Now NL will be downloaded and you have to launch it. you have to connect Nokia N9 with PC by using USB cable. You should back up Music, Videos & Pictures. After completing with disconnect device and computer.
    • Now you should download the exe file on your computer. at the time of downloading NSU your device should not be connected with computer.
    • Once you have downloaded NSU you should not launch it and reconnect your N9 with the computer.
    • Software would be detected on Nokia N9.
    • Accept the agreement when it is prompting and click on Continue button.
    • You will updating bar on the screen.
    • You should not disconnect the device by any mean because it could brick the device.
    • The process could be 10 to 15 minutes longer so wait.
    • You will get Vertical Blue Updating-Line when 4 minutes Remaining.
    • Your device will restart at when 2 minutes Remaining.
    • After completing with the updating process device will ask for check Time, Date.
    • You have to accept it since after reboot you will get the old settings back.
    • It will ask you to log on Nokia N9 as well so do that also.
    • Finally you will get Updating Completed Successfully on NSU.
    • You should unplug your device with computer.
    • Now you should go for settings and check About Product you will get PR1.1 (20.2011.40-4_PR_005).

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    Re: How can I get PR1.1 update for Nokia N9?

    If you are having any issue while doing update the I recommend you should contact Nokia Techncial support team to get further help.

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