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Thread: Roaming feature in sprint

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    Roaming feature in sprint

    Finding a good signal strength in sprint is very much difficult in the phone thatís what I want to say here. now during the roaming period I do get full bars in the phone, I was amazed with that. Now the same is not the case when I am at my place whenever I visit my college I donít get any bars at all. Hardly I get 1-2 bar in my phone and that too with a lot of difficult. Plus whenever I think of sending some messages it dont get delivered at all. Now I donít understand why is that I get a good network during roaming and a poor network in my locality i.e. when I am not during roaming. What do you all have to say about the same. please do comment accordingly on it. Waiting to hear it from you all.

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    Re: Roaming feature in sprint

    Ok if you are facing some poor connection while you are at home and when you are at roaming you get a good connection. Now thatís a strange, you are still sticking with the sprint. I would advise you to change the carrier and ask some of your friends as if which carrier has a good network at your place. They will be telling you about this. You donít need to create a thread about this.

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    Re: Roaming feature in sprint

    Yes there used to be a option called as roam only on a lot of Sprint phones. Now it seems they have removed this and the only two options that they get to see is automatic and sprint during the roaming, so thatís what I want to say here.

    So as the above user said if you are not happy with the carrier then you have the option of changing it to the different carrier.

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    Re: Roaming feature in sprint

    You are liable to discontinue the service if you have used the phone for over 800 minutes. After 800 minutes you do have the option of discontinuing it thatís what I want to say here. so do discontinue. I donít understand why are you still sticking with it.

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