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Thread: How many hours should I charge kindle fire

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    How many hours should I charge kindle fire

    I was just wondering how many hours are taken for charging a Kindle Fire ebook reader? What should be the average time to charge this ereader? When I charged it first time then it took times ranging between 3 hours to 4 hours. And it will not change even if I leave it or read while it charges. I want to know how long does other users Kindle Fire takes time for charging completely. Thanks for any information.

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    re: How many hours should I charge kindle fire

    It will always depend on how much the battery of your Kindle Fire ebook reader is drained out when you start to charge it. So, if I will tell you that my Kindle used to take only 2 hours to charge then it simply means that it was not completely drained out like your ebook reader. When I am not using it then I always keep it on charge from the wall socket and not via the USB from the computer.

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    re: How many hours should I charge kindle fire

    I have noticed that if I connect it to a power outlet then my Kindle ereader will charge much faster than when it is charging via the USB cable plugged into my computer. After completely draining out the battery, my Kindle Fire took almost 2 and half hours to charge completely and it was connected to the power outlet by the way. If I charge it on computer then it takes almost the double time.

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    Somebody told me that the wall charger gives about .85 amps for charging and if compared to a usb cable charge we get only .5 amps. No doubt you can charge from both functions but the wall charger will always charge your ebook reader faster. I have also tried to charge the kindle through a cell phone charger but it will not charge the Kindle at all. So, you can notice why there is so much difference between charging that takes time.

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