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Thread: Samsung galaxy note restart by itself

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    Samsung galaxy note restart by itself

    HI, I had a Samsung galaxy note, and from last few days it has been restarted 4-5 times by itself, I only had few application installed on it like Skype, G talk, Whatsapp, etc. I want to know that is this any software bug , if anybody know the cause of his problem and the way to solve it, so please tell me

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    Re: Samsung galaxy note restart by itself

    i had a Samsung galaxy S phone , and last day when I am trying to connect it to the internet , it doesn’t ,so I switched off the phone and again switched it on, than it works properly for 3-4 hours and after that when I am just holding the phone and the phone is not working, it suddenly reboot by itself, and then within 5-6 hours it is restarted 2 times by itself ,I want to know that is it because I have downloaded too many application on my phone or it is related with some hardware problem. Please help me.

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    Re: Samsung galaxy note restart by itself

    you just try hard reset on your phone and all your problems will be solved out. You can do this using two ways first :
    1.just go to the menu. 2.go to setting, then privacy 3.go to factory reset 4.go to reset phone. 5.and finally enter your password, then select yes to confirm.
    If that doesn’t work ,than try this
    1.turn off your phone, pull the battery out and reinsert it. 2.hold the volume down button and release the power button. 4.a menu will appear containing a list of option like fastbook, recovery, clear storage and simlock clear storage by pressing volume down button. and release power button again. 7. Finally confirm your decision you can choose volume up for yes and volume down for no.
    If you selected yes, the phone will reboot to its factory state .

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    Re: Samsung galaxy note restart by itself

    I am facing the similar problem with my Samsung galaxy tab, when I power off my phone it will restart by itself after a couple of seconds , I have tried wipe data and factory restore process, but it doesn’t worked for me, is this problem related with the hardware ,reply me.

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    Re: Samsung galaxy note restart by itself

    To overcome the problem related with auto reboot you need to do simple thing, but before doing this you must be sure to sane all your data and application to a safe place like your pc. then you need to clean up your phone the best way to use Odin and flash a new firmware offered by Samsung you can also do a factory reset and format your internal SD card.

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