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Thread: want to replace Dell Latitude XT

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    want to replace Dell Latitude XT

    I had a dell latitude XT laptop, for the last few days the processing of the system is very slow, and I am not satisfied with the specification of this laptop, so I am thinking to replace it with the similar windows 7 tablet laptop, and I want a laptop with good specification, so memory and processor speed are very important, and it should be touch screen and stylish, if you are using any windows 7 touch enabled laptop than, please recommend me.

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    Re: want to replace Dell Latitude XT

    I would like to recommend you a new windows 7 touch enabled laptop by Fujitsu called Fujitsu Life book T4410, it is a great laptop and it is a larger one from Fujitsu measuring 11.7 x 9.2 x 1.5 inches, as compare to other laptops its slightly thicker than the Lenovo Think pad x200 with Multi touch (11.6 x 8.7 x 1.1 inches). And it is also bigger than the Dell latitude XT2 which is you are using. Life book T4410 is heavier than the both the system (4.2 pounds with extended battery and 3.8 pounds, respectively) having 4.5 pounds. However, only the T4410 is equipped with an integrated DVD burner.
    Having 1.5 x 2.6 inches , the touchpad isnít terribly large, but its big enough for simply moving the cursor across the screen, the Life book T4410 includes a pen stylus and windows 7ís advance hand writing recognition, you will definitely experience a smooth flow without applying extra pressure , as you would, while writing notes . if you are thinking of buying a touch enabled windows 7 tablet laptop with good specification, than this one is definitely better choice for you.

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    Re: want to replace Dell Latitude XT

    if you are looking for windows 7 touch enabled laptop, than recently you have two choices available, either you can go it with Fujitsu Life book T4410 or Think pad X200 launched by Lenovo, both tablet consist of very good specification as you want, and in order to compete in the tablet market , Lenovo offers a touch screen Think pad X200 as well as two finger multi-touch version.

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    Re: want to replace Dell Latitude XT

    I had a Lenovo Think pad X200 tablet, and I am using it from last 3 months, I think it is the best tablet from Lenovo, and its price less than the dell latitude XT2 which is its primary competitor. This Lenovo tablet contains very good specification as you want, its specification are as follows:
    Windows 7 professional, Intel Core 2 Duo SL 9600, it contains 2GB DDR3 RAM (2GB x 1) and 160 GB Seagate Hard Drive, Intel 5100 AGN, Bluetooth 2.0, Intel X4500M Integrated, it also has built-in web camera and its dimensions are (l x w x h)11.6 x 10.0 x 1.04- 1.31Ēand lastly its weight : 4lbs 1Oz. I think you should go for it this is the best one for you.

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