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Thread: Nokia 'Extra Power' for Nokia Lumia 800

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    Nokia 'Extra Power' for Nokia Lumia 800

    I have heard about “Extra Power” for nokia mobiles. Is it compatible with nokia lumia 800? Because I frequently need to go out for office work and I am always on the move! I don’t get to charge my mobile! Thought this would be helpful. If anyone out there know about this then do reply!

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    Re: Nokia 'Extra Power' for Nokia Lumia 800

    There shouldn’t be any compatibility issues with lumia 800 as it is the most advance phone with nokia. Try contacting official website of nokia and put your query in the “contact us” or in “FAQ” .

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    Re: Nokia 'Extra Power' for Nokia Lumia 800

    new nokia DC-11 (devise charger) comes with two usb ports, so you can charge two phones at a time.
    It provides upto one charge for your phone. It uses high quality materials and rechargeable batteries with good cable managements. It can charge your phone within 3 hour, probably depends on the phone you are using. It has nokia 2.2 mm and usb charging connectors.

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