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Thread: Wireless card working slow on Dell XPS 14z

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    Wireless card working slow on Dell XPS 14z

    I recently purchased a new Dell XPS 14Z laptop. I have found that the wireless network on this laptop is very slow compared to my old laptops. When I open any website on the old computer then it will load more quickly compared to this new system. Does anyone know if there is any defect in the wireless networks in this dell laptops? The router and internet connection are working fine on the other hand? Thanks for any solution.

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    Re: Wireless card working slow on Dell XPS 14z

    Have you tried to make sure that you have installed the latest driver in your Dell XPS 14z machine? You can download it from this link - Also make sure that you have installed both the Bluetooth and Wifi drivers as well, it can be found in the CD/DVD that came with your system. If you are still facing the problem then there could be some issue with the router that you are using and you will have to contact the routers manufacturer for troubleshooting or firmware upgrade.

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    Re: Wireless card working slow on Dell XPS 14z

    Can you try to put the Wireless adapter into Continuously Aware Mode and see if that helps. To do that click Start and then go to Control Panel. After that double click Network Connections and then right click Wireless Connection and go to Properties. Now click on Configure and then Advanced Tab. Choose the Power Management setting and then uncheck default / auto and move the slider to Highest or Maximum Performance, thats it.

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    You will have to find out on which channel your wifi is boadcasting, in my case it was channel 5. Now, you need to modify the channel value from your Intel Pro network adapter properties to see the same value. The one that was set on my computer was 2 after getting the same laptop and after changing it to what I did, then I found a very huge improvement. Hope this helps you all.

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