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Thread: Replacing HTC Rhyme battery at Verizon Store.

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    Replacing HTC Rhyme battery at Verizon Store.

    after i recently purchased this new smartphone of HTC it came to my notice that the battery in ryme version is not removable . so, i thought whether in future, if HTC Rhyme's battery will be replaceable at a Verizon store . and i would like to know would Verizon is able to replace the battery for those users whose battery starts to lose charging or not?. please if you can provide assumptions i can later make out for buying HTC smartphone or not.

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    Re: Replacing HTC Rhyme battery at Verizon Store.

    seems to be more difficult in this case. my assumptions in this case are that as there are no techs in their stores anymore you can get a refurbished replacement.

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    Re: Replacing HTC Rhyme battery at Verizon Store.

    yes, it seems poor that the battery cant be removed, for these battery to be removed i tried firstly when i purchased it, and then trying to configure the hardware parts, it cam that the battery was not able to remove. i have the similar question whether battery will be available in future, whether it be Verizon or something else. where will we find battery if it goes wrong somewhere. also if charging in unavailable in some circumstances, there was a option of replacing battery of another phone of same configuration with battery power more than compared with the less one.

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    Re: Replacing HTC Rhyme battery at Verizon Store.

    oh surely, i can think of your issue. as you told that there are no options available for you to have your battery removed, so in this case the phone is with 1 year warranty period. if the capacity of the phone has diminished severely, you can have a try for returning the phone with a defective battery. and that's all i can get for you.

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    Re: Replacing HTC Rhyme battery at Verizon Store.

    i can list some talk time and standby time so you can have a guess for your battery life.
    • if considering the talk time, it stands for up to 8 hours for WCDMA and 10.5 hours for GSM
    • if considering the Standby time it is 340 hours for WCDMA and 295 hours for GSM.

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