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Thread: Sound not working properly in Dell XPS 17 L702X

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    Sound not working properly in Dell XPS 17 L702X

    I am using a Dell XPS 17 L702X laptop. It is a new system that is purchased recently. It has as SSD in it. It is Intel 510. There are two hard drive slot in the same. I am having problem with the sound. I had copied a few video files. When I play them I am not able to get any sound. But I can hear in my headphone's. There is working fine. I want a bit help in making sound more proper.

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    The first thing you have to find that whether it is a hardware or software issue. If the problem is due to software then it can be resolved by updating the drivers. But if this is some kind of hardware problem it will not work. For that go in Control Panel > Sounds. And in that check the audio hardware. See that it is working fine or not. You can try re-installing the drivers again and again which might help in fixing the issue.

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    There is a tiny volume button in the system tray. Double click on that or right click on it and choose volume control options. See that you are able to see all the installed hardware on the same. If it is available then means there is a software. If no hardware is listed there then you have to re-install the audio driver for your laptop. You can find those on the official site or through the driver disc that comes in the package.

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