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Thread: Does HTC Sensation XL have slot for SD card?

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    Does HTC Sensation XL have slot for SD card?

    Hey guys i was previously using windows mobile and was just disappointed with the incapability of the phone as it just wonít comprises any slot for SD card and thatís why i was thinking to have another phone for myself. And while searching about the same i came to know about various models from different brands and among them i like this HTC XL, i read all the information from here.

    So please let me know whether the phone comprises any such slot for SD card or this is also same as the windows phones? Any suggestion will be appreciated.

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    Re: Does HTC Sensation XL have slot for SD card?

    No, youíll not get any slot for putting any SD card in the phone. rather they have included the 16 GB storage internal storage in the phone so that you can out whatever you want. And i believe that whatever capacity they have given is not that bad rather 16 GB is sufficient enough, donít you think so? Along with you should also been aware as Although it features 16GB the internal storage card but youíll be only able to access 8.93 GB rather the rest is eaten up by system and application storage.

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    Re: Does HTC Sensation XL have slot for SD card?

    unluckily there are no SD card slot in the sensation XL. As mentioned by the above user the phone come as 16gb model from offset, not excessively sure about a 32gb model. Makes no sense that HTC would make available a remarkable specification phone that is promoting beats by Drew partnership and not have a card slot in it.

    I attempted the phone out whilst it came in to our store and its some piece of kit. Tried a few windows phones, not to my liking. But among all i would much have a preference over android phones. Have been using and rooting since 20010. HTC desire, htc desire HD, Samsung nexus, HTC incredible s etc.

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    Re: Does HTC Sensation XL have slot for SD card?

    i am not sure about this but still i would like to recommend you that you should try to have a glance over this LINK so that you can have proper idea about the same.

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    Re: Does HTC Sensation XL have slot for SD card?

    See it is quite clear things as there are so many mobiles that you can have for yourself, which comprises SD card slots as well.

    But still i would say the one that you have selected it quite good though it donít have any such slot but as mentioned above 16GB will be enough for you.

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