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Thread: How to install windows 8 on Tablet PC

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    How to install windows 8 on Tablet PC

    I heard that the windows 8 is meant for all platform. i mean for Desktop PC, laptop as well as for Tablet also. I know that we can easily install the Windows 8 on laptop and desktop but anyone know how to on Tablet PC?

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    Re: How to install windows 8 on Tablet PC

    Not even time to present the new Windows 8 last we'll see about upcoming Tablet PC, and here comes the first video of the Acer Iconia Tab W500 fitted with the new OS. As you well know, the Acer Iconia Tab W500 comes with Windows 7 and I think it is the first tablet to have adopted this solution.

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    Re: How to install windows 8 on Tablet PC

    I can not believe all the support ARM windows 8 is still experimental, incomplete and unstable, drivers for the processor are probably not available, even in the development version which would give the best performance execrable at worst a system that does could start. In addition, the bootloader of the Asus is probably locked

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    Re: How to install windows 8 on Tablet PC

    Windows 8 consider a tablet PC over a type has its advantages from a software point of view because we can install the same applications on one and another and, for example, we could have Autocad installed on the tablet and change on the up, the planes in a play. However, to really work well, the application must be designed to be handled with the fingers on a touch screen, something that will have to take note developers

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