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Thread: Nook tablet wonít get charged through USB

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    Nook tablet wonít get charged through USB

    I have noticed the Nook tablet only charges when using the AC charger and not while connected to a PC like phones. It even has to make use of the cable it came along with as normal micro usb cables do not work not for charging anyway. Is this right or is this possibly a concealed setting somewhere I have missed? Please let me know if I have to make any settings for the same, any suggestion for the same would be appreciated.

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    Re: Nook tablet wonít get charged through USB

    As the extent to I know the computer does not supply enough amps to charge it. The first day I got mine, I plugged the USB into a phone wall charger and it specified it was charging but didnít actually, in fact it seem to be rising charge. I left it overnight and whilst I woke up i checkered the didnít push ahead as it was at the same point where I had left it. And this was not only with any particular charger rather I looked at the two wall chargers and the phone charger is a 1 amp charger while the nook charger is 1.9amp IMO. Considering a usb from the computer only provides .5 amps there isnít any way it will charge.

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    Re: Nook tablet wonít get charged through USB

    Yeah exactly you are right as there are so many limitations associated with the device that we canít even Image. In truth I am quite disappointed after having this device as there isnít any camera, no HDMI port, not getting charged up with the PC as well.

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    Re: Nook tablet wonít get charged through USB

    though I am not sure about the device you guys are having but still The Nook color can charge via pc as I am having the same device and use to charger the device this way only. And as long as the usb hub is powered, or the usb ports are powered, by means of the given cable micro usb cable.

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    Re: Nook tablet wonít get charged through USB

    I have a newer motherboard thatís gigabyte Z68XP-UD4 and while I plug my Nook Tablet into the facade USB, it doesn't charge. But I just plugged it in at about 70% power into the rear USB that was red and labelled "3x USB Power" and the strange thing was like it gets charged whilst I was transferring files or any content in the device. I didn't know it was charging in anticipation of plugged it into the AC and it showed 100%.

    I am agree with the above user as there could be some option for the AMPís, have you seen the bios settings for the same? You can set the AMPís from the BIOS as well for charging the device, as I have done this and working with my device.

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