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Thread: How to flash nbh file for HTC Titan?

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    How to flash nbh file for HTC Titan?

    I have an untimely developer HTC Titan at this point with lack of various features. But I obtained an actual .nbh File for the Titan but nothing more than that. How it is able to flash a WP7 Mango nbh? Previous to this I did that stuff I had a WM6 gadget.

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    Re: How to flash nbh file for HTC Titan?

    Talk widely with Cotulla and the DFT to confirm that their RSPL/HSPL mechanism works well on the Titan. subsequently it should be simple and sufficient to appear at the differences between the existing Mango (7720.68) releases for, say, the HD7 .it seems to be about the similar manufacturing philosophy and technology as the Titan - despite the fact that it has less ability. in addition to the Titan which is most likely not a 7720.68 release but something closer to 7712 or 7704 etc. You are then able to build from there then. But I would consider that the MS Dev system would keep you advanced with Mango builds and allows you make use of the OSPL system though Dev or Zune to keep your Titan up to Mango release standard.

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    Re: How to flash nbh file for HTC Titan?

    I was wondering the same thing as there is a latest version available to what i contain. I am sure of the fact and can guarantee on this issue it has to be done by the use of usb host mode and a gold card and y cable, By holding downward vol down and the cam button. except for the fact that you can find a titan Romupdateutility.exe perhaps the one from the hd7 will work. Find a HD7 Euro rom extract with winrar to a folder.take out the RUU_signed.nhb and the SPL_Signed.nbh, followed by renaming the Titan nbh to RUU_signed.nhb and run the update util.

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    Re: How to flash nbh file for HTC Titan?

    Usually you can make use of the ROMUpdateUtility.exe from another wp7 phone .if you look at dft then you will be able to see that they make use of one from 2007!!!!!I in addition flashed my phone with the stock ROMUpdateUtility.exe but as for all time at your own risk!!!

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    Re: How to flash nbh file for HTC Titan?

    Fine, the WP7 is the most recent build but there is loads of HTC dev crap on it which prevents each and every additional stuff from working in the correct way. As there is a signed nbh I suppose we require a RUU or relating to that to flash it using boot loader .On other devices I had an .exe and a simple double-click was sufficient to perform.

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