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Thread: Samsung Galaxy Indulge GPS tweaks

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    Samsung Galaxy Indulge GPS tweaks

    Just exposed the / system / etc / gps.conf and / data / GPS / secgps.conf.Could dissimilar values in one or two of these files to get better the knowledge of GPS by switching to dissimilar servers?


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    Re: Samsung Galaxy Indulge GPS tweaks

    So since no one else gave this a attempt, lastly got around to it myself trying I renamed / system / etc / gps.conf to gps.conf.bak and renamed / data / GPS / secgps.conf to secgps.conf.bak

    It works immense. I went out and closed on 10 satellites (according to GPS Test) in seconds following turning on the GPS. I will live with him for a while, but it sure looks like this will permanently replace the satellites using Metro PCS have with us through, at least for me.

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy Indulge GPS tweaks

    If you are seeking GPS solutions, try Faster Fix. I think it's on the market. If not, zeppelinrox at XDA has a link to the APK for this. I know it requires root access on the phone. But it all mounts file for you.

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy Indulge GPS tweaks

    About 3 weeks after receiving the new phone the GPS stopped working. I was able to use TRS-80 is an excellent tutorial on GPSCLRX and that temporarily solved the problem. I cleaned the GPS status and sometimes works. I've had to use GPSCLRX several times and most of the time he worked at.

    I had a backup of the phone completely, do a factory reset and restore from backup for GPS to work again. That seems to be the only reliable way to get a new GPS (although quite drastic and takes a lot of time).

    I convinced my local store to replace the corporate MetroPCS phone. That seemed to solve the problem about 8 days, so I thought it was a mistake on my original phone. But now the replacement phone is doing the same things that the original phone. The original phone firmware 2.2. 1 and build FY07. The replacement phone is firmware 2.2.2 and builds EG06. The problem exists if the phone is rooted or not. I installed Faster Fix and has not solved the problem.

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy Indulge GPS tweaks

    If what is happening on two different phones, I think it has to be something of installation. I would probably do a factory reset, do not restore from a backup and see how things were well run with the installation actions + applications that use GPS. Assuming that seems to work I would add GPS applications at a time and see if any of them generate the problem (which technically cannot happen again, as it could be the configuration of the restoration of bad backup).

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy Indulge GPS tweaks

    My short answer is: try to Basic (after data cleaning). I have some GPS settings built in that should help. If you need more, try the full game. Do not restore any backup application, or install any application related to GPS, GPS until you know is working.

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy Indulge GPS tweaks

    GPS disappears without any new applications to install. The only way I know there is a problem is when I try to use a GPS application and does not work. In the most recent telephone worked for a couple of weeks with all GPS applications GPS and suddenly died. I had not made any changes since the last time you used the GPS, so I do not think it's because of the changes I made on the phone.

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